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Now when it comes to the strengths of YouTube TV there are a lot and well go through a lot of those here first on my list is local channels. There’s a reason that that youtube tv is so good at local channels and ill get into that in just a moment. But they’re second only to maybe Hulu as far as the sheer number of local channels available and they’re fantastic at making sure that they’re available for as many people as possible. Another thing I love about youtube tv is the simplicity involved in their pricing structure.

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In fact, there is no structure, there are no tears, there’s just one plan, there’s only one version of youtube tv at this point. So you don’t need to figure out which plan is right for you or something. If the service looks good to you there’s only one version of it that’s fantastic in my book. When it comes to video quality, again this is youtube. Youtube knows how to stream video. They have the infrastructure for it they’ve been doing it for years and so when it comes to youtube tv yes it looks fantastic and that’s a strength a point in its favor.

Same goes for the interface. They’ve spent years making sure that the youtube interface is exactly the way that is gonna be best for delivering video to you. YouTube TV is gonna feel very familiar if you’re used to using YouTube at all and everybody does use YouTube. This is a testament to that. The other thing search is especially good, this is a google engine and so the search is fantastic something that has been lacking from some other streaming services.

DVR is another big strength here. It’s unlimitedDVRr that comes with your package. There is one thing to be aware of theres a nine month storage limit. So once you do record something its only going to show up in that dvr for nine months. Something to be aware of but other than that unlimited amount of dvr recordings is a pretty good deal. Now as for the kind of average features something i would put neither as a strength nor a weakness im gonna go with the price on this one.

A youtube tv actually just raised their price from 35 to 40 bucks but either way 35 or 40 that’s gonna be right in line with its competitors and so neither strength nor weakness. You should be aware the reason it was raised from 35 to 40 is that they’ve just added a whole bunch more channels including a lot of the Turner network. So things like tbs cart route cartoon network that sort of thing. You can also get the MLB Network and NBA TV. Now so you get a lot more options but that price did come up from 35 to 40.

Now for weaknesses

There is one that I would put right at the top and that’s availability youtube tv had a very remarkably I would say slow rollout last year. As of right now, they’re available in 83 markets nationwide. Now that sounds like a lot but there are actually 210 markets nationwide but the good news is that 80% of the population of U.S is covered. And so they’ve got their large metro areas covered and I assume they’re gonna keep expanding to more of the population as well.

But as for right now, they’re one of the less available nationwide compared to the other services. Now the good news is that that expansion is pretty slow because they’re concentrating on local channels. I told you id come back to local channels. So the reason they’re expanding slowly is that every time they add a new market they want to get as many local channels they’re available as possible as they expand.

So if youtube tv is available in your area, the good news is that there’s a great chance that your local channels will be available there. It’s not guaranteed, it’s not that that’s not a blanket statement. So you’ll want to make sure that you check their channel listings before you subscribe. But that is good news as far as I’m concerned.

Now as for the channel count the total channel count it’s not bad like I said they did just add a bunch more but id says its probably not as good as services that were already used to. Like, play station view or tv now which have fantastic channel counts. So that’s something to be aware of. And the other thing that I’ll mention here on the weaknesses section is the devices. You can get youtube tv on your apple tv or your Roku but it is missing a few of the major players. Hopefully, they’re adding those all the time. So make sure again make sure you look it up before you sign up for youtube tv that you’re gonna be able to use it on the device you want.

So do we recommend youtube tv as far as I’m concerned if you can get it to go for it? This is definitely in the top tier of streaming tv services. I think it got a lot going for it and the weaknesses that I mentioned these are things that hopefully will be well-become strengths over time. Especially if you’re a heavy youtube user already this is a great idea you add youtube tv on top of that I think you’re gonna have a great experience with it. If you love unlimited DVR you just want to keep all your shows recorded and watch them a few times.

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