The Stress' Impact on Health: the Danger to the Human Body

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  • Introduction
  • Discussion and Result
  • Conclusion


Stress as an invisible danger is the most important problem of our life. In our daily based routine life we face so many problems which increase our stress level. Being stressed affect our life in a very negative way by decreasing our working output and quality of life also it damage our health, affect us socially and psychologically as well. Stress gives a negative effect on our mind and makes us feel tired, upset, nervous and angry. When a person is much stressed they can’t even handle and do even easy task which proper concentration to cope up with stress some peoples started to take drugs which also give more harmful effect on body. The occupational safety and health administration declared that stress cause more than 300billion $ annually in America.

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So, as we can understand stress is a very dangerous and invisible danger for human health, in this essay I will focus on major reason of stress in humans and some solution to cope up with it.

Discussion and Result

As we have discussed earlier about the negative impact of stress on health like decreased work efficiency, depression, anxiety, panic attack despite these there are some physical symptoms too like headache, high blood pressure, problems with sleep and sex and upset stomach.

Burnout- refer to as soulless situation where person loose his will and motivation to continue a particular type of studies or activity as a result of some external and internal factors, in this desire and will is still active but wellness to perform is dead such any activity or studies has become a huge responsibility without any joy. Symptoms of burnout are studying very hard and accomplishing little, social activities are draining, trouble sleeping due to worrying about studies and feeling frustrated with studies.

Long-term effect of stress cold and clammy skin, dry mouth, loss of appetite, hyperventilation, excessive sweating, heart palpitation, loss of energy and insomnia. Stress impact on reproductive system in males it causes a decline in sex drive or libido, and can even cause erectile dysfunction or impotence, and in females it causes abnormal menstruation, decrease sex drive, menopause, problem in pregnancy and premenstrual syndrome.

Stress can be because of positive reasons and negative reasons as well like getting a job promotion which give us a pleasure but also a stress to work with more responsibilities. In my essay I would also like to highlight cause of stress in students some of very common reason of stress in students are poor time management, difficulty in organizing work, exams, pressure of combined paid work and studies, returning back to studies, leaving assignment to last minute and family responsibilities, change in sleeping habits, new responsibility, health problem and poor eating habit, language difficulty, many hours of study, missing lectures and some environmental or external factors. So, there are many reasons of stress in every person life.

Undoubtedly, stress has become number one hurdle in academic performance of students The New York University Publication continued its affirmation that, 55% of students claimed their biggest stressor to be academic in nature. 6 in 10 college students report having felt so stressed they couldn’t get their studies done on one or more occasions. . [Retrieved on 11 Apr 2016]. Additionally, many of the emotional and physical symptoms that occur commonly in the student population, such as headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and the inability to cope, can be attributed to or exacerbated by stress. Surveys conducted by Kansas State University reveal a 58% increase in stress related mental health issues reported to campus counsellors between 1988 and 2001 (Hoover 2003). These increased stress loads come with some dire consequences. Suicide rates amongst college-aged students are three times higher than they were in 1950, as described by American College Health Association statistics published in Psychology Today.

The key to success is positive thinking and as a student we can manage it by looking after ourselves [giving some good time for own well-being], find some distractions [like any physically active sport which helps body to relax by releasing endorphins], express yourself [talk about reason of stress and try to figure out the solution], tackling anxiety and panic attacks, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation and self-massage.


At the glance the major sources of stress found out in through the study have a direct relation with the stress level of students. The reasons for stress cannot be limited to these. It varies according to students and their psychology. In conclusion, the results of this study are suggestive as to the necessary components of a stress management program specific to the needs of college students. Given the detrimental effects of stress on health and academic performance, college administrators should consider incorporating stress management training in orientation activities. A better approach may be the use of a stress management workshop, specifically geared to the stressors encountered by college students. Certainly, stress in the college setting cannot be eliminated but we can and should do a better job preparing students to manage it. 

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