The Struggle of the Republic of Iraq Against Terrorism

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As the world arose from the ruins of a brutal war in the latter half of the 20th century, The republic of Iraq also began its journey towards prosperity, only to find itself thrusted and shoved back into the clutches of poverty, violence and moreover – terrorism, by a ghastly invasion. This unilateral coercion, and the then military aggression, by a certain extremist rogue power from the west, further provoked the extremist organizations from our region into action and depleted all our resources by plundering and pillaging my nation, leaving us with nothing to fight the dark forces. And yet, in merely six years from total independence, my government eradicated the Islamic State- a state of terror- from all Iraqi regions. But, just exterminating this beast was not enough… It had slaughtered thousands of innocent civilians, leaving their families back- in despair; it had displaced millions and had destroyed almost half of my country… But, still with the very limited resources we have, we are trying our best to give our people the lives they deserve. My government does all it can to safeguard the rights of the victims of terrorism and help them recover, while also helping our allies against the common enemy- “The state of terror”.

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Noting the fact that immediate action is required for the protection of victims of terrorism as well as the requirement of immediate and specific guidelines to terrorism afflicted nations in order to reduce the aftermath of such gory incidents, the Republic of Iraq looks forward to representing the Organization for Islamic Cooperation as its elected president, thereby also putting forth the situation and the condition of the Arab nations in front of the whole civilized world. The Republic has been in support of international cooperation ever since its’ actual independence, but yet, stresses on the fact that it is against any forms of unilateral actions taken by certain “powers” in accordance to their “western propaganda”; Iraq calls forth for external financial aid from the “developed” countries but is against the politicizing of any such aid. The republic acknowledges the aid provided to its projects to help the victims of war by the United Nations as well as other Nongovernmental Organizations and is proud of the success its projects have achieved. These nationwide projects include the rehabilitation, reconstruction and redevelopment programs, formation of a special press wing to act as a link between the government and the victims of terrorism, projects such as the house of arts and the list goes on. It has also been providing all the necessary aid, which has been duly appreciated by the United Nation`s humanitarian coordinators, to UN wings such as the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq and expects all member states to aid and follow the international community`s decisions. The Republic has been doing its utmost to bring the country back into shape and any delay in helping the victims is due to the lack of funds, not an absence of regard, as opposed to certain accusations that have been hurled at my country by nations who have not aided in any way to fight back terrorism but who have instead sponsored it…

As a country particularly concerned with the protection of its citizens from extremism and one with millions of victims of terrorism, the Republic of Iraq looks forward to taking active part in the decision making process by focusing the committee`s debate on what should be done more than what is happening. It proposes to concentrate on the reintegration of the victims of terrorism into the society as well as rehabilitation programs, at the same time actively discussing the rebuilding of economies devastated by the extremist organizations. In order to provide the victims with an inclusive environment, the delegation of Iraq proposes to fight against xenophobia, use of social media and the internet to counter the terror caused by extremist organizations on these sources of communication and advancement of methods such as air lifting to aid the victims.

Implementing projects to safeguard children`s rights in emergency situations and to ensure uninterrupted education through the “Safe school” methods. Relocation of displaced victims must also be a top priority. Iraq is in complete support of strengthening services such as the PISCES (Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System) to track infiltration. Scientific and more practical ways to help victims suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders to overcome the disorder must be an aim apart from creating a financial plan to aid the helpless widows, orphans and families of those who have valiantly helped fight extremism. The delegation proposes assistance in stabilizing liberated areas and mitigating the spread of damage due to the use of biological and chemical warfare. Moreover, Iraq calls upon nations to help come up with financial plans to implement these projects. Although the implementation of the Mandela rules and the development of medical facilities for emergencies, are areas where the Republic of Iraq can develop, the delegation looks forward to suggestions from the international community provided no country threatens or hurts the sovereignty and integrity of the Republic of Iraq. On this note, the delegation would be actively working to persuade certain “rogue” nations to cut off all funding to terrorist and extremist organizations. The delegation, on behalf of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, would like to stress on the fact that immediate and complete independence is what Palestine needs to protect its citizens from further assault and torture by Israeli forces and other imperialist satellites.

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