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Over the years, our society has evolved with the first silent films, and how we have evolved the different types of genres. Different types of films have a rebellious outlaw and an official hero. Robert B. Ray’s article The Thematic Paradigm explains the difference between outlaws and a hero. Linda Seger talks about in her article about the ten steps of Hero’s Journey. Divergent has genres like science fiction and young adult fiction to catch the viewer’s eyes.

Divergent is about a broken town that got broken down into five factions Candor, Dauntless, Amity, Erudite, and Abnegation. Beatrice Prior is with the faction Abnegation including to take a test to see if she was in a certain faction or if she was divergent. She was divergent and she chooses to take a challenge and goes with Dauntless. While being at Dauntless she meets Four who is also divergent. Over the stages, Tris and Four start to fall in love with each other. The whole Dauntless compound goes and ambushes Abnegation but then Jeanine finds out that Tris Prior and Four are both divergent so they try to stop them from keeping them from not attacking each other.

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Robert B. Ray’s article The Thematic Paradigm is a good example of explaining the outlaws. “The exceptional extent of American outlaw legends suggest ideological anxiety about civilized life” (Ray 305). This quote is a good representation of Tris Prior because of the anxiety that she faces when keeping the secret of being divergent to herself. In the article, Ray describes how an outlaw as an outcast and has no faith in the system. It’s a good description of how Tris Prior is an outcast when she is at Dauntless being the only Abnegation that had transferred when they did the ceremony of choosing whether to stay in their faction or to go to a different one. Tris Prior is also an outlaw because she is trying to break the system and to show the viewers that they shouldn’t be what society wants them to be. Tris Prior follows the rules and is thought of being nice because she has to hide her identity of being divergent.

Ray also tells the readers about what the official hero can have as a trait, and that it can have a good or bad hero. In this case, it is a bad hero, Jeanine is the hero in this situation because of the way that she is boring and is civilized with society. Jeanine is trying to make the society how it was before there was a different faction and involves trying to execute divergent to make the town a better place.

Throughout the film, Tris Prior is explaining what is going on through her head when she is explaining what happened to the city. Having a narrative during the film shows the viewers about how her being an outlaw and as the camera goes throughout the city and lands on her on top of the roof and that shows her being an outlaw by being a rebel against the rules of Abnegation. With Tris being an outlaw and rebelling against what Abnegation wants them to be which is selfless and to give all of their food away to the people that need it more.

Linda Seger’s article Creating the Myth helps readers understand Hero’s Journey. Hero’s journey involves ten steps the first one for Divergent involves the introduction of Tris Prior’s life as Abnegation. The second step shows Tris taking the test to see what faction that she belongs in or if she is divergent, and after finding out that she is divergent shows an unexpected turn of events. Thirdly, Tris has to decide whether she wants to stay in Abnegation or if she wants to change her faction, so after deciding she chose Dauntless. 

Then Tris gets help from Four with her fighting position. When she loses the fight that she did and gets put in the nursery she decides to fight her way back to stay in Dauntless. She goes and fights her enemy Eric by taking him down she shoots him in the leg during Capture the Flag. Tris finally hits rock bottom when she almost gets thrown over the edge by her enemy and one of her friends. After being almost thrown over and was saved by Four she had taken possession of her “treasure” with a kiss by Four. The change of scene is when they go and ambush Abnegation, and the last journey is when they hide from Eric and Jeanine after finding out about them being divergent.

Young Adult fiction aimed at the ages of twelve and eighteen-year-olds. These types of films involve films like J.K Rowling series that was turned into a film just like Divergent was. J.K Rowling and the author of divergent Veronica Ruth targets the young adults in that range because of the maturity, and by the context involved. Lately for this genre in the 21st century has bullying involved in either a group of people bullying one person or one person bullying someone. The DUFF is a young adult film that makes a person change to something that they are not. In this case, Divergent is a way of showing viewers that you can change and be something society wants you to be.

Science fiction film was first originated with The Island of Lost Souls (1933). Over the years it has evolved, and one of the most popular science fiction films is the Star Wars films that started in 1997, and since then Star Wars grew with popularity. Science Fiction films also correspond with other genres like western and action films. Movies like Terminator with the sound and special effects help make the film genre science. Jurassic Park (1993) and Godzilla(1998) have special effects also like Terminator. Science fiction films can also have a horror aspect to it also like the Frankenstien (1931) and Doctor X (1932).

Divergent’s main character Tris Prior shows the observers that she is an outlaw with the way that she rebels against her faction Abnegation by going to Dauntless. Being at Dauntless possessed her to hide the fact that she is divergent. Ray described the difference between a rebellious outlaw and an official hero. Seger described the steps of the Hero’s Journey, and how they reveal the top and the bottom of the story or film that is being shown.

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