The Success of Ducati – a High-Performance Motorcycle Manufacturing Company

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Ducati is a high-performance motorcycle manufacturing company headquartered in Bologna, Italy. Started as a radio parts manufacturer in 1926, Ducati succeeded in the development of a small engine mounted on a bicycle in 1946 and entered the motorcycle field in earnest. Today, Ducati is focusing on racing and commercial motorcycles, and is expanding its business into apparel and accessories. In 2012, Ducati merged with Audi, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group.

The reason they became famous is Desmodromic Valve and Twin Engine. Desmodromic Valve was named by the physicist of Ducati engineer, Fabio Taglioni who invented the world’s first red-zone-free engine head that German-Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari researchers wanted to develop. The Twin Engine was devised in 1970 and effectively designed to cancel out the vibrations between each cylinder, so that theoretically, the engine is designed with 90 layouts to create a zero-vibration engine.

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Ducati featuring will be a great opportunity for them. They feature a motorcycle brand that combines state-of-the-art technology, a sophisticated Italian design called Ferrari in the automotive industry, and a brand that shows constant challenge to racing.Ducati has an engine with unique sound based on Ducati’s unique technology. Ducati motorcycle with Desmodromic valve has won many races all over the world. Mercedes and Ferrari also introduced this system, Ducati became the symbol of motorcycle brand with the best technology. This ever-ending technological advancement of Ducati is beyond the image of a motorcycle that is simply a good performance.

To many people when they think of Ducati, they think of Italian design with Red, the symbolic color of Ducati. Ducati’s design philosophy is ‘Back to the Basics’ and pursues a complete motorcycle with details. Ducati’s motorcycle takes three years from the moment it is produced until it is displayed in the showroom. Ducati strives to design every single piece of detail for every 1,000 days to reduce the individual weight of every component by as much as one gram.

The motto of the Ducati design team is, made up of excellent designers from all over the world, is ‘to make Italian motorcycles of outstanding design’. When we talk about the Being Italian team, two things come to mind. The first is Clean and Essential. This means that you only have what you need in a motorcycle. The second is compactness, which means that the overall impression as well as size must be dense and small. As such, the Ducati design reflects a commitment to superior performance, beauty and sophisticated detail based on a simple form of bike.

Finally, Ducati’s outstanding technology came from the challenge and passion for racing. Ducati is currently the only European motorcycle brand to appear on MotoGP and World Superbike (WSBK). Ducati’s motorcycle, which is constantly studied through racing, has a harmonious mix of tradition and innovation. In 1954, Fabio Taglioni, the most famous engineer in Ducati’s history, joined Ducati in a step-by-step racing history. In 1972, Paul Smart won the Desmodromic Twin Cylinder 750 at the Imola 200 Miles, but with this legendary victory, Ducati became a “racing bout”. For the first time in history, Ducati has won the Moto GP title and manufacturer title. It was almost the first time that a non-Japanese manufacturer won the premium category of the Motor GP race. Ducati continues to strive for racing by constantly putting more than 10% of its employees in the racing team.

Recently, Ducati ‘s advertising strategy is showing a way to directly show the appeal the product with only one motorcycle image instead of explaining technology – intensive detail parts and design elements. For example, when a new model of the naked bike monster, popular with more than 270,000 riders around the world 20 years after its launch, was launched in 2014, they only showed the products. Ducati also focuses on communicating with customers through various online communities and SNS marketing. Ducati promoted free communication online with Ducati through its official website,, blogs, online forums and chat rooms. There are currently 200,000 registered users on and more than 15 million followers are registered on the Facebook Ducati account.I think that Ducati should be more active in raising events for their customers, so they should be more aware of them. For example, inviting customers who are active in brand community activities to headquarters in Italy to provide an opportunity to visit the Ducati museums and factories, or hold amateur races or bike tours for them to enhance the solidarity of Ducati owners. Considering the benefits for them, it will be a more effective advertising strategy.

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