What is the Meaning of the Cross in Your Life

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What is The Meaning of The Cross in Your Life

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At times in the year 2016, when I went along with my close friend to the shopping mall which was around where I stayed, I came across a young boy. The boy was beating up a girl aged 13 years, and I later realized that the boy was a Muslim. Both pupils studied in the same institution. The major cause of disagreement between the young girl and the boy was because of a crucifix. The young girl had a crucifix around 0n her neck. The young schoolboy whom we were informed that he was only two weeks old in that specific school, started to bully the innocent Christian girl. The boy insulted and mistreated the girl in various ways mainly because the girl had worn a crucifix on her neck. The boy also ended up attacking the blameless girl at the back. I had a feeling that the young schoolgirl was being mistreated which was unfair.

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I believed that the young boy was acting very disruptive and rude. Besides, the blame was on the school for failing to fix proper discipline for the kids. Nevertheless, when I was lonely, I asked myself several questions like; “What is it on the Christian crucifix that made the young Islamic boy bully his colleague?

To find the answer, I summoned two of my friends, one a Christian and the other a Muslim. I invited them on different weekends trying to get favorable answers. I thought of the subject on the cross when I saw the instructions given on the final research paper. Concerning that, the paper will emphasize the “symbol of the cross” and the meaning of the cross in life.

The Symbol of The Cross

A cross is defined as an object or rather a mark created by either two intersecting pieces or lines. It can also be a post that is upright and used in ancient times mainly by the Romans for execution or crucifixion. A cross is viewed as a representation of equipment that was used to crucify Jesus Christ and is appreciated as a mark of Christianity (Dictionary, 2018). The cross has definitions that also contradict. Hate and love, peace and violence, life and death, sin and purity, defeat and then victory. This shows that all can be lost and also gained. Relating to the variety of definitions it is clear that the cross has a real association with Christianity and the meanings are mute from the Muslims’ perspectives.

As soon as I related the story to my Christian friend, she said that the reactions are reasonable since the mark of the cross is what brings out the separation between the Islamic and the Christian religion. When I inquired about the significance of the cross, she explained the various importance the cross to the Christian religion. This is what she told me:

“The Bible Recognizes a significant fact: every type of sin needs to be punished. God is considered to be, and the truth is that justice requires what wrong to be punished. This is true even in a human’s life experiences. When we break the laws, we are punished in proportion to the authority which is offended. When breaking the rules set by the parents, we receive the required type of punishment, and when the government laws are broken, and then the punishment is severe. God has set the commandments, and when we go against these laws, we offend the highest of all authorities. God is just thus justice must be practiced. As the Bible teaches us that the wages of sin are death. The cross gives a solution on the mercy of God and his justice. Jesus offered us unity with God despite our imperfections.”

This authentication shows that Christians have firmly believed, that the cross is the connection between them and God. The cross is set as a symbol of love that Jesus Christ died to save humankind from sin. To her and other Jesus followers, they acknowledge that Jesus Christ died to save sinners. He accepted to die to save humanity from their sinful ways. He willingly decided to be crucified on the cross to redeem humankind without being forced to. Through his love for humanity, He sacrificed his life and accepted to be crucified on the cross though He was innocent. On the cross Christians believes that their sins were paid for through Jesus’ blood. The cross is identified as a symbol of love, through which a gift was given to sinners.

To be honest, I had no evidence of the power of the cross. My ally had informed me more about the cross and its vital importance in the lives of Christian faith. It has great potential that bound all Christian across the world together. Christian has a symbol of the cross in their churches, and others wore it on their neck to create a close relationship with Christ. I took the decision to visit one of my allies who is a Muslim to find out if to them the Cross had a significant meaning in their faith. He acknowledged that there is no obvious meaning of the cross in their region. After narrating my experience from what I had witnessed on the way, he explained to me that the cross was the reason there was a significant rift between Christians and Muslims, leading to disagreement concerning their faith.

According to his views, “the cross and the icons publicly declared those very points of Christian faith’’. The Koran, it denies that Jesus died on the cross and he wasn’t the son of God. The practice of Christians carrying the cross and the signs of Jesus Christ was the main reason there is raising condescension from the Muslims. Nevertheless, he explained that the great antagonism of Islam on the cross dates back to Prophet Mohammad. He had great hostility on the cross, and he believed it was devilish; he was against everything that was brought into his house bearing the symbol of the cross. He claimed that cross was a symbol of worship and he once forced someone to break the cross into pieces while in his house.

Discussing with two of my friends who have different religious views made me think about a lot of things. I even asked myself what is the meaning of the cross in your life. Sure, I understand why people are wearing a cross with them (Christian people) and why Muslims consider this symbol hostile. There are distinct views that might collide in some moments, just like the example I have started my essay with. Bullying based on religious reasons, or any other reason, should not exist. Everyone is entitled and has the right to believe in what brings them peace and quiet and we should all respect others.

In the world, today Christianity forms the largest population more than any other religion. Christians from more than thirty-one percent of the world population. Islam is the second-largest religion in the world through the two regions have significant differences regarding the symbol of the cross. After meeting the two allies, I was left worried. In Christianity, it seems they believe that anyone who is against the symbol of the cross is a sinner, though there is no substantial punishment given to them. There have been increased cases of Christian cases being attacked, which brings a question of whether non-believers should assault those who believe in Christ. No matter the religion to which one belongs, love should bind them together, without letting different symbols in our faith create enmity. Although the significance of the symbol of the cross depends on what someone holds, no one should not be allowed to criticize someone’s faith. Respecting one’s beliefs is of paramount importance and may help to spread love and unity among different religions. Only you could decide what symbol is important to you and what is the meaning of the cross in your life.

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