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The Syrian crisis and how it became of global importance

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The complications in Syria have been an ongoing problem for almost a century dating back to 1918. The situation has become a large problem in the Middle East, involving major countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. In the 1970’s the Assad family came to power in Syria, by overthrowing Nur al-Din-al-Atasi. Hafez al- Assad became president and was immediately disliked after Assad dropped the requirement that the president had to be Muslim. The downfall of the Assad family almost occurred in 1980 after uprisings in the cities of Aleppo, Homs, and Hama. The Muslim Brotherhood attempted to assassinate al- Assad but failed. The son of Hafez al- Assad, Bashar al-Assad tried to ease tensions by releasing some political prisoners. As people started demanding more prisoners being released, riots and revolution broke out, the government started firing at civilians. This made many countries decide to oppose Assad and civil war in Syria broke out. This war has led to a refugee crisis with Syrian refugees looking all over the world for help and support. In reaction to the crackdown on opposition groups by Bashar al-Assad, and the United States invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Iraqi government fell and made an opening for an Islamic militant group to take power. The Islamic State of Iraq took power and gradually made its way to Syria. This group has taken control of some parts of Syria and is now named the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The issue in Syria is important because if certain countries move forward on helping Syria or taking it down, another world war may potentially start. The United Kingdom believes that the way to tackle the problem in Syria is to take down Assad’s regime, establish a stable political transition, and provide sustenance to the refugees fleeing from the dangers in Syria.

The United Kingdom has been involved in the situation in Syria since around 2011. The UK has asked other countries to follow their lead and help shut down the Assad regime. Speaking on the behalf of the UK, he believes that Assad’s regime will not lead to long term stability and needs to be brought down. The United Kingdom has been following the UN’s policies that were adopted in the past and that are being adopted now. One of the more recent policies that was adopted was in 2015. The UK has tried to attack Assad’s regime peacefully but will not hesitate to take military action if the violence by the Syrian government does not stop. The United Kingdom has taken in many refugees from Syria in hopes to protect the innocent from the dangers of the civil war. The UK’s policy on refugees calls for refugees to apply for asylum and are limited to a five year visa. In that time, the refugees may start a new life. The policies that have worked are the refugee policies, but in every effort to make policy to directly affect Syria, the plan has fell through. The UK has spent over 30 million euros to support Syrian opposition, over 2 million to take down Assad, and more than 16 million to reduce the impacts of the conflict on the region. Syria should now be looked at as a humanitarian crisis along with a civil war that needs to end.

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The UK is confident that this Committee can bring about an end to Assad’s regime, provide a calm transition after Assad, and help all refugees find a home. To end Assad’s regime, the UK believes severe consequences should be upheld against Assad for his decisions to fight his own citizens. To provide a calm transition, The UK will need help from other nations such as France to help start an election and make sure rebellions are not started. This will help prevent another civil war. To help all refugees, the UK calls upon other nations close to Syria to take in as many as possible. Italy, France and the UK have been helping refugees for many years and other countries should follow their lead. The UN should endorse a resolution to end the civil war in yra and pass a resolution to end the Assad regime. The UK is opposed to any resolution that has Assad’s regime still in charge because the entire Assad family has started this conflict and with them still in power could lead to a potential world war. As such the UK understands the problem in Syria and has ideas to restore order in Syria.


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