The Systems Theory and Its Effects on the Development of an Effective Process

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The systems theory  is the transformation of raw materials into a finished product . The coffee shop has maximized its products with differentiation and diversification from selling coffee to different breakfast menu ideas (Kelso, 2018). The contribution of the systems theory has created an effective product through a step by step approach with different elements. Each of the composition plays an important role because without their input there would be no avenues , such as the capital which provides a movement to the start-up payment of employees , cash flow ,building  and manufacturing processes. 

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Human resources  are value added assets, they’re part and parcel of the process from  senior management of design of policy  and strategy to the custodian in creating a healthy  thriving motivational environment. the combination of this methodology  resulted in extensive benefits where Starbucks commenced with the manufacturing of coffee beans with the end result of producing a variety of goods and services to consumers (LEBLANC, 2019). The coffee beans normally start out from a farm where the beans are planted, dried and harvested. The product is then shipped through the various lines of production to other middle manufacturers who ground the beans into various texture. 

The coffee shop is the final stop for the raw materials to be processed into the finished product. Each part of the processing from raw material to the end product plays a vital role in whether or not the coffee shop will be a successful business entity. The system theory is evidently based on the different steps taken to produce the finished product.   The system theory model in the case of the coffee shop requires effective coordination, planning and reliability of the part of all the players. It is a major aspect of the  transformation process carried out by mechanisms and employees  including executive’s role which would facilitate specific job roles in managing machinery from processing to packaging ,timelines ,policy and regulatory requirements in aligning a smooth transition of the process. 

End results and outputs are the outcome of the processes ,with the effective delivery and design the Starbucks coffee was capable of producing enhanced quality  of commodities. The primary concern of the end result is critical because it can affect the overall profit and benefit for the organization. The production of the end result contributes to evaluating the effectiveness of the system. The final stage of the theory is the feedback mechanism which is used to familiarize the business with changing consumer demands. The usage of surveys , suggestion boxes and consumer allows a culture of continuous improvement with information acquired there would be an effective customization of products and services  to meet consumer needs.   

The theory also allowed management to relax and concentrate its focus into more developing ideas of growing the company (Thompson, 2017) with its announcement of differentiation strategy ,it is not limited to one product ,however , a variety of products attracts an increase in growth.   Philosopher Thomas (1967) describes the chain of interdependence of the system that provides changes of the external environment , laws , legislation , demography, technology and trends that impacted the organization to consistently change its products to  align itself .The changes of legislative provision of taxes which can pose as a negative effect on consumers  and costs ,the use of environmentally friendly  products such as cups ,meeting customers changing demands and trends through feedback .

A system change  triggers  a high setup cost  and time . This also impacted the demographic changes for healthier options, low calorie and gluten free options. The coffee shop offers a variety of healthy options from coffee to food ideas  in managing its customer base and attracting new market share. Technology changes in the production of new products. Mobile apps, self-service ,trendy technology has impacted the company in strengthening its capability in building sustainable competitive advantage. 

The secret to success is boosting sales. Reference accentuates consumers purchase more with the new technology .This has relieved them from mobilization and the coffee shop providing optimum efficiency. The system theory is an effective model that business can use to structure its development from the production of raw materials to the end product. If businesses are capable of understanding the system theory and applying it as a model then the outcome can be profitable. The disadvantage with the system as applied to the coffee shop is that any disruption in a single part of the process can affect the overall business and profit level. 

Another factor to consider is that the coffee shop relies on beginners and middle persons to process and supply the finished product. While this might be timesaving and a cheaper way to access raw materials it can also be disadvantageous if any disruption occurs along the process. If weather affects the farmers or the production is decreased, then it could affect the profit of the shop. The coffee shop also have to rely on the farmers commitment to produce beans of a particular quality. Consumers are expecting consistency in the product and therefore if the coffee should rely solely on the raw materials being sourced from outside entities then it might be an unreliable method.   If the business can monitor and set specific expectations during the process from planting to end result then the system theory as applied will be an effective method to be utilized. 

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