The Take-aways of the Instagram and Facebook Marketing Congress


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Last Thursday (June 6, 2019) it was time again for the Congress Instagram and Facebook Marketing, this year held at the OBA Theater in Amsterdam. It was a day with many interesting speakers. The best take-aways of the day, from keynote speakers Dorit Roest (influencer marketing), Peter Minkjan (video hacks) and Sybren Smith (Facebook algorithm), with which you can get started right away.

First keynote speaker Dorit Roest, owner of the influencer marketing platform TIM, explained how all marketing developments and ‘hypes’ follow the Gartner Hype Cycle. To take influencer marketing as an example: in the rise of the peak, all early adapters in the marketing world are fully engaged with it. At the peak of the cycle, all companies say: ‘we need something with this!’. At the time of the dip, the results at many companies are disappointing and an ‘anti’ influencer marketing atmosphere is created.An example of this negative phase is the incidents with the fake followers of Dotan, the Fyre Festival and the cooperation of Anna Nooshin and Shell. The real go-geters continue with influencer marketing and make it a permanent part of their marketing strategy. When that happens, we are at the end of the Cycle. We are currently in ‘the slope of enlightenment.’ Roest expects that by 2021 we will reach the ‘plateau of productivity’ and that everyone, in whatever way, uses influencer marketing.In the informative presentation, Roest indicated that many companies find it difficult to make influencer marketing measurable. That is why she closed her keynote with a number of (benchmark) statistics and metrics.

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Metrics of the influencer that you must measure in advanceA calculation example: CPF: Cost per follower influencer asks 500 euros for the collaboration and has ten thousand followers on his Instagram account. Your cost per follower is then: 500 / 10,000 = 0.05 euros per follower. CPM: cost per thousand people reached you ask the influencer how much reach per post he has on average. If an influencer has an average reach per post of five thousand people, then your cost per thousand people reached is: 5,000 / 500 = 100 euros per 1000 people reached.

ER: Engagement Rate can be calculated by comparing the followers with the amount of likes, shares and comments. You can, of course, also ask the influencer

Metrics of the influencer that you must measure afterwards. To assess the influence of the influencer, there are a number of metrics that you can measure. You do not have to measure all of them, but only select the metrics that are relevant to you. The video hacks by Peter Minkjan. Peter Minkjan is for many a familiar face in social marketing and works for many leading companies in the Netherlands. His presentation was full of cool take-aways that you can get started with right away. The video hacks at a glance: The expectation is that there will be more focus on Instagram TV and Facebook Watch. This means that longer videos are the future. This is already the case on YouTube: videos between 10 and 16 minutes are the most ‘likeable’. On Facebook, longer videos are given priority in the platform’s algorithm. Facebook also encourages you to make videos that are longer than 3 minutes. The perfect length is between 3 and 3:20 minutes. Advertising videos, on the other hand, can be under 15 seconds, Peter recommends. Pay attention to your thumbnails, titles and playlists on all channels. Make sure the thumbnail contains faces and expressions, keywords are included in your titles, and that you create playlists so that your viewers will see another video after you watched. That way your videos will generate more views.

Use a CTA button on Facebook when posting a video. This yields a higher CTR. To add this to your timeline video, go to the Ad Manager and choose ‘use existing post’ at the ad level. Choose your CTA button and it has been added! You don’t even have to publish the ad to add the button to your post. Provide subtitles with your videos. This ensures more watchtime and findability of the video. You can easily create subtitles in YouTube where you can download the time codes. Add the text and export it as an SRT file. You can easily add this file to your video on Facebook and YouTube. Kapwing is also a useful tool for creating subtitles. Use emojis in your texts and titles of your videos and ads. This ensures a higher relevance score and a higher CTR.

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