The Theme of Death in Hamlet

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  • Introduction
  • Death of the Father
  • Obsession with Suicide
  • Acceptance of Death
  • Conclusion


Life is filled with a vastness of many different feelings and these feelings determine how we live and interact with the world and with ourselves; for Hamlet feelings played a major role in the way he lived his life. Hamlets feelings brought him on a ever-changing ride as his feelings evolved throughout the play, and it truly showed how the way one feels effects how they interact with the world and with themselves. Hamlet begins as a saddened character over the loss of his father and this projects suicidal thoughts in his head, but they evolve and become indifferent from what they were. Hamlets obsession with suicide creates a destructive interaction between his feelings and life; events and characters bring on these feelings. This theme of death begins with the death of the king who starts influencing Hamlets decisions, then brought along into the next stage of grieving and suicide by hamlets mother it finalizes in the way Hamlet finally views death right before he dies. It shows that yourself and others can heavily influence feelings.

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Death of the Father

When someone suffers a loss of a significant loved one it can have an array of emotions brought upon the affected, this happens to Hamlet when his uncle kills his father; it starts a series of destructive and violent thoughts onto his own mind. This situation creates the start of the obsession Hamlet begins to have with death and suicide, both of these relationships are very different as the one with death is a fascination of what happens after life and what capabilities come along with it. When it comes to his relationship with suicide it is more about wanting to feel numb and not have to feel pain, he wants a way out of his deemed miserable life. The actions of others heavily influence us not only physically but emotionally as well and this had a impact on Hamlet, and it started him down towards the path to his own death.

Obsession with Suicide

When Hamlet is first dealing with his fathers murder he can feel nothing but pain and sadness and he is placed in a standstill spot emotionally where he feels like there is nowhere for him to go and progress to. Hamlet is pushed into the mourning of his fathers murder by his mother and uncle, without this push to mourn and try to move on it is hard to figure out when and how Hamlet may have overcame this drastic and heavy time in his life. His mother's actions influence Hamlet because they cause him to become even more depressed about the entirety of the situation. Since Hamlet was not allowed to heal properly but instead pushed into it he develops even more saddened feelings, this is because he is told to heal when healing is not meant to happen yet. With this situation it only heightens Hamlets obsession with death because he is more intrigued about suicide than before because he is told to suppress his deep feelings and move on. Hamlet becomes more infatuated with the thought and idea of suicide and sends him further down the path of committing it.

Acceptance of Death

As Hamlets life goes on and he begins to heal over the fact of his fathers death in terms of becoming aware and accepting of it he also become less fascinated with suicide. Hamlet does not have the same intensity of suicide as he does in the beginning of the play; he still has the thoughts and desire just not to the degree he had at the beginning. Hamlet becomes okay with the concept of death and is more confident in the whole concept of it; this makes him less afraid overall of the consequences that would come along with suicide. Through taking time to process his thoughts and emotions and participating in actions and relationships that have helped him to grow beyond his previous destructive thoughts and desires. Hamlet was able to move on from fearing and questioning death and by in the end accepting it as he was killed and died.


Hamlet is a play that explores the complex and strong emotions that a person can poses and how they can effect ones life, in Hamlets case these emotions started from traumatic experiences and ended up determining how his life would be carried on. He started off as a scared and sad man from his father's death who then came to the acceptance of said death and started to move on, he was then able to grow and become okay with the concepts and ideas he feared and questioned. Hamlet show that emotions have a major impact on our lives and the course we follow and that they can change us and there is nothing we can do about it.

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