The Theme of Family Infightings and Poor Communication Skills as Depicted in James L. Brooks Comedy Spanglish

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In the movie Spanglish we were introduced to many characters with different types of relationships with one another. Communication is a major skill to have to understand what each others are meaning and not just to assume what their actions are doing. John Clasky and Bernice Clasky his daughter have a very tight relationship throughout the movie. He tries to protect her and make everything she does wonderful to make up for all the pain her mom has put her through. Deb Clasky and Bernice Claskys relationship is the opposite than the relationship with her father. Deb the mother or Bernice tries to make her look the way she wants her to and not the way Bernice might want to be. Then with John Clasky and Flor their relationship did not start until the end of the movie where they began to come close. The communication between them was never long going it was more of a short term loving memory. Communication skills deal with not just talking to each other but by also understanding each other emotionally and physically.

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John Clasky and Bernice Clasky are father and daughter in the movie Spanglish. Their relationship is similar to many other father daughter relationships throughout the world. He is a father who will always be there for his daughter at any time no matter what. A few examples to show is how he tries to help her gain confidence and self-esteem. When Bernice reads the newspaper about her father’s restaurant getting five stars he tries to show her how wells he read the article. By doing this he is trying to turn the attention to her and how well she is doing and improving. By doing this it is building her mind and body to know she is doing well and others are recognizing. Her father and her have a relationship built up unlike her and her mothers.

Deb Clasky the mother of Bernice Clasky has two different points of views in the things they do throughout the movie. He mother does not see Bernice for who she is but what her appearance is. The appearance should not matter but what matters is what is inside of her. When she finally thought her and her mother’s problems were gone more just came along. Such as when her mother came in with many bags of clothes but she got a smaller sized than what Bernice actually wore to make her lose weight. Her mother has been on her to lose weight for no unknown reason. She also feels as if her mother does not love her or want a part of her life when she starts to talk about Christina. It makes Bernice feel terrible when her mother does not communicate with her but instead of having a mother like daughter relationship with a different girl because of her appearance and skills. Deb and Bernice never have the relationship she had always wished about throughout the movie.

John Clasky and Deb Claskys relationship is not a well-structured and built as much as it should be. She is always mad at him for not being around the house because he is working at the restaurant so much. The reason for him working so much is to keep the money flowing in the house since she does not work. They do not have good communication skills and it showed throughout the movie in many ways. One example is when John asks Flor who she is when he sees her in the house. John was confused and unaware about why Flor was there because of the lack of communication between him and his wife. John was unaware about what his wife had been doing to him the last few months because she would always be gone and would not communicate with him about what was wrong. There is a major example in the movie when it shows Deb in the bedroom hiding from John because she does not want to tell her husband she had been cheating on him. The realization she found after the fact she did all the terrible things did not make things any better with the communication between them. Instead it made them grow apart even more, not knowing how to talk to her after knowing what had happened.

Communication skills deal with not just talking to each other but by also understanding each other emotionally and physically. Each character described had a different relationship with one another. They also had similarities to why or how they communicated that way or did not want to face the truth for being the reason why they would not talk to each other. John and Bernice had a father daughter type of relationship dealing with the way they communicated and tried to pick each other up. Deb and Bernice have a total opposite relationship and it is not similar to most mother daughter ones. Then there is John and Deb the relationship which does not make them seem as if they are married to each other.

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