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The Theme Of Nature in Literature

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The theme of Nature has been shown in all of the inclass readings, all have the theme of Nature. All three of these stories are engaged with the topic of wilderness. More so, The wilderness hunter in Where I Lived and What I lived for, Thoreau perceives nature as a good source of beauty. He respects sht idea of nature while also being in awe with it. Many of the chapters in the story focus on natural world, and by the way the ice breaks up on the pond. In my opinion, Theory wants to get the point across that nature is everywhere and it is there to inspire us to be better.

The Pocket Hunter is very focused on nature. Mary Austin describes the pocket hunter as a small man with a face of no character. He walks around humming, with his mouth open, living in his own world. He has traveled to far places with only two donkeys while carrying the essentials of pots and pans. She also wants us to know that he doesn’t use regular hunting tools such as a rifle ; Instead he uses lines to catch fish and snares to catch birds. had seen destruction by the violence of nature and the violence of men” said he found himself in a place of all wisdom.

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In The Country of the Pointed Firs, Mrs todd spends most of her time growing out herbs in her garden and spends her time also looking for them out in nature. She uses the garden and her herbs as a way to connect with the rest of the people in the town. She sells the herbs to the villagers so she can meet people and always have company. Furthermore, Sarah Jewett wanted us to show us more about the harshness of nature rather than the good. For example, when Captain Tolland died at sea because of the strength of the ocean it helps us understand the strength the character have who have endured in Dunnet.

The land of Little rain focuses on little stories about inhabitants of the american southwest. The author links the stories together by sending a message about environmental conservation and a philosophy about socio political and cultural regionalism.

Lastly, in the Santiago has a unique and intriguing relationship with the natural world. He talks about the animals of the sea as if they were humans. He enjoys looking and exploring the relationship between fish and birds. The Natural world in the book allows us to understand more of the old man and allows us to also get insight into who he is as a character. He also discusses the importance of natural order of things.


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