The Theories of Human Creation Versus Evolution


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Where did humans originate from? If so, where? Everyone has their opinion on how humans got to the point where we are today, and honestly, no one knows. The question itself is a rhetoric question, that has no definite answer, because no one has yet discovered the actual origin of human civilization. Scientific evidence proves that we have originated from an animal called Australopithecus Africanus, which is a “half man, half monkey”, created from evolution. The animal was said to roam the earth between 2.1 and 3.3 million years ago on the continent of Africa. Through the millions of years, the animal has evolved, walking straighter, increasing brain capacity and learning forms of communication, which led to modern human beings millions of years later. “The evolution of a naked, darkly pigmented integument occurred early in the evolution of the genus Homo.”(Jablonski and Chaplin, 57-106).The Australopithecus Africanus is an animal that originated in the Homo family, from the Hominin ancestor.

This was a theory that didn’t have any evidence of being factual, until 1924, when the oldest, and first human skull was found, called the Taung Child. This skull suggests that human like creatures roamed this earth millions of years ago, and the fact that their fossils were still in tact means that their skulls were strong and healthy, hinting at a healthy lifestyle. “ The evolutionary system attempts to explain the origin, development, and meaning of all things in terms of natural laws and processes that operate today as they have in the past.” (Morris, 10) The recent findings haven’t done anything to explain evolution at all, it tries to paint a picture of what the environment looked like millions of years ago, when in actuality, it isn’t accurate at all. This only confuses everyone because there is no real evidence to prove that something is fully accurate, we can only go by the accounts of the people who came before us.

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On the other hand, Sumerians and Nubians believed that humans were a product of their religious beliefs, which varied by religious beliefs. Many Sumerians believed that a humans’ sole purpose is to serve the various gods that they believed in and that their god provided the necessary things they needed for survival in return for the labor they provided. These religious beliefs ultimately contributed to how they lived their lives and what stories they developed to pass along down the generations. “Thus the creationists must ignore or distort the evidence for evolution in order to force it into compliance with their interpretation of the bible” (Berra, 5) Recent claims coming from scholars show that people are starting to really misunderstand the whole concept of evolution because previous people didn’t understand it either and decided to re-write history. Due to this occurring, future generations have watered down versions of what actually happened, because the truthful information wasn’t properly passed down as millions of years passed. This is how confusion and debates amongst whose argument is correct and whose isn’t, when in reality, no one is right because no one has the accurate accounts of the events that have taken place. “At a very early period in their history the Egyptians associated the sun’s disk with the dung ball of the beetle, partly on account of it shape, and partly because it was the source of heat, and light, and life to man, even as the dung ball was to the young beetles.” (Budge, 294) In Egyptian culture, they believed that the sun was the sole purpose of life.

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