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The Thin Line Between Depriving Children of Technological Access and Going to the Extreme

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Technology is the knowledge and skills available to many human society for industry, art, science, mathematics etc. It’s also the specific methods, materials, and devices that are used to solve practical problems. An example of technology is the internet which helps to gather certain information.

In the article Children and Technology by Dr. Clare Kelly, Goldsmiths, University of London states that children are growing up in a world where technology is influenced in their lives. Laptops that have learning games. Mobile phone and keyboards are available for children to explore and use in their daily play. Young children may be able to see cameras, DVDS, computers, iPad, TV and mobile phones being used around them because they are curious and are eager to be involve. Needing to have the opportunity to tell children what the purpose of the technologies are and the way they are used. Also have to be able to understand the child on the decisions they want. There are many great technologies for the child and parent to work with: taking photos, finding useful and helpful websites. Certain children sit down to watch TV quietly but they seem to be interacting with talking about the show, dancing, playing with one another, chatting to the characters and being able to tell what the show was about. It mention how children can learn so much through their own sibling by just watching what they are doing. Technology often times is used throughout the families which helps to have more communication. Children see people using technology like phone, TV programs and they interpret what they see through those people. Having the ability to have a parent or sibling encourage them to watch with them what they are doing can make them more independent to take that sense into asking questions sharing their own opinions on certain stuff is helpful for supporting their understanding.

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This article Screen Time: Using Technology as a Consequences or reward for Your Child by Megan Devine, LCPC states there are things we don’t want to do that we end up putting it until the last possible moment like paperwork, housecleaning. Those types of things we don’t seem to like they need to get done. It’s no big deal for grown-ups to want to do fun things over the hard working tasks and it’s normal for the child too. It’s important to know not always important to understand that the child may not care about homework or chores just because you might do. The way to get children to understand that doing those tasks that they might not want to do is offer something that’s important to them. Children value screen time which means phone, internet, TV and video games. It goes on to talk about different situations parents are concern that their child isn’t doing the task they are supposed cause of screen time. For the homework and time manage it says if your child tends to leave until the last possible minute, take risks give your child time in which their task should be completed. For example you might say: “When you can show me your homework journal has been completed, then I am happy to give you the internet password.” The best thing you want is for your child to be successful. Remind yourselves of the things your child does to want the screen time. Keeps talking about the different concerns parents have that children don’t want to do what they are told because of screen time. In the long run every family is different and know their child very well the way they are and can control them in the way they think its correct. It doesn’t matter what the limits your choosing to do making you’re the technology is mainly used on the weekends. Having your child get one task at a time will make them get better and understand that they have to do them.

The understanding that its goo-d for children to be able to have technology with them and know about it. Parents are the ones who control their own children and making sure they give time on this technologies let them know the limits as to how long and what days they be able to use it. Also letting them know that in the house there are rules that need to be followed. For instance cleaning up toys after yourself, helping with chores, doing homework and obeying the older ones. If this rules you put for the child aren’t meet then no technology will be allowed to be used. Children need to learn to be responsible and take action of what others tell them to do before technology can be meet.


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