The Thirteen Colonies of America's Rebellion Against the British Rule

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Thirteen colonies in 1776 came together to revolt against its British rulers in what was to be named in history as the American Revolution. This brought about great change to North America not only now to a new country (The United States) but also to Canada. The Patriots defeated its British rulers and began to look down onto the Loyalists that remained, fearing their own lives and well being they were forced to leave their homes and move a British ruled colony, generally that of the Northern Colonies.

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When an uprising was in the works delegates from 13 colonies, all but Quebec, Nova Scotia, Saint Johns Island, Newfoundland and Georgia were asked to attend. So why were they not asked to become involved? These colonies were working advancement, unlike its 13 brothers there were well behind in this field. This is believed why they were omitted from the delegation. Also the northern 4 were not falling under the direct hardship as the rest of the colonies had been. After France was beaten and Britain took control they left many of the laws and way of life constant, thus the northern population were not as angry towards their British rulers.

So when the Battle of Saratoga ended with an American victory and the Loyalists were expelled from the United States, there only refuge was that of the northern British colonies. This brought about a dramatic increase in population to British North America. Nova Scotia was bombarded with former Americans, so many in fact it led to the separation of Nova Scotia into two more parts, New Brunswick and Cape Breton. Not only were the Atlantic colonies experiencing a population growth but also Quebec was soon being swamped with English speaking refugees from the south.

The population growth was phenomenal, so much in fact laws and Acts were being questioned, seeing how they were meant and aimed towards the older French fashions, new English inhabitants sought for a change. Soon the separation of British North America into Upper and Lower Canada was perceived in order to retain order amongst the settlers. Upper Canada was tapered into British fashion seeing how a majority of the inhabitants were English, and Lower Canada maintained its French laws. The effect of the loyalist movement as one can see brought about many new changes.

Not only where direct settlers from Europe taking up lives in British North America but Natives and Blacks were becoming more abundant and prominent in the colonies. Natives saw that during the revolution siding with the British would maintain steady trade and land ownership, while blacks who fought with the British received land grants and freedom in Canada. So now not only were Europeans and colonists reaping the benefits of settling but also that of visual minorities.

The war of 1812 basically saw the end of Americans moving to the Canadas and Atlantic colonies, thus stopping any relations between Britain and America. Local residents whom had come from the United States moved back in order to avoid conscription to fight against former countryman. The war also placed general residents in a position of power, they held off an American attack, which showed if they saw fit they too could revolt against there British rulers, although this was never deemed necessary.

Between and including the events from the American Revolution and the War of 1812, British North America saw many changes, geographical in the division of Canada into upper and lower, social changes which saw the general population change in size and ethnicity, and also political in which new laws and Acts were instated to keep the general population happy and content.

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