The Threat of Light Pollution

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Nowadays, light pollution is a usual topic in our daily life but many people don’t know what it is. Actually, the problem which is light pollution was first raised by the international astronomical community in the 1930s. It refers to affecting the natural environment, adversely affecting human normal life, work, breathing, and entertainment, damaging people’s ability to observe objects, and causing discomfort to the human body And all kinds of light that harm human health. Nowadays, more and more cities have suffered a series of controversial incidents due to light pollution. About case analysis, problems are found, and suggestions are made to reduce light pollution and protect the environment.

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Regardless of day and night, light pollution is slowly breaking into our living environment.

Light pollution is generally segmented internationally into three types, namely bright light pollution, artificial daylight, and colored light pollution. White bright pollution refers to the pollution caused by the bright reflection of the glass curtain wall, glazed brick wall, polished marble, and various coatings of buildings in the city when the sun is shining strongly.

Expert studies have found that people who work and live in a white light-polluted environment for a long time will suffer different degrees of damage to the retina and iris. It also makes people dizzy and upset, and even insomnia, decreased appetite, low mood, physical weakness, and other

symptoms such as neurasthenia. Artificial daylight refers to excessive lighting for commercial interests in some special places, such as advertising lights, neon lights in shopping malls, hotels, and some strong beams that even go straight to the sky, making the night like daylight, so-called artificial daylight. In such a ‘city that never sleeps, it is difficult for people to fall asleep, disturbing the normal biological clock of the human body, resulting in low efficiency during the day. And Colored light pollution refers to light pollution caused by blacklight, rotating lights, fluorescent lights, and flashing colored light sources installed in dance halls and nightclubs. (15, July 2019)

According to measurements, the intensity of ultraviolet rays produced by blacklight lamps is much brighter than the ultraviolet rays in sunlight and has a long-lasting harmful effect on the human body. ( 14 Feb 2017) The colored light source is dazzling, which is not only harmful to the eyes but also interferes with the central nervous system of the brain, making people feel dizzy, nauseous, vomiting, and insomnia. The latest research by scientists shows that IPL pollution not only damages people’s physiological functions but also affects their mental health.

Faced with the most difficult problem of ‘light pollution, everyone felt headaches. As some citizens have said, the house will be enveloped in a white or red light reflected from a glass wall during the day to sunset, making the eyes very uncomfortable. After the curtains are pulled, the house is dark again. At night, although there is no sunlight, there are more neon shots, and even the color is constantly changed, which makes people feel very disturbed. According to the study of opticians, the reflected light from the glass of the mirror building is more intense than the sunlight, and its reflectivity is as high as 82% -90%. The light is almost completely reflected, which greatly exceeds the range that the human body can bear. If people live in this environment for a long time, they will cause various adverse symptoms, such as vision, insomnia, decreased appetite, low mood, physical weakness, and other symptoms such as neurasthenia. (wangguangri,2011.11.18)

Furthermore, it is also harmful to the ecological environment. The growth of many plants is directly related to light, and the light spots of artificial lights can penetrate thousands of miles. Many animals and plants, although far away from the light source, are affected by artificial light and destroy their biological cycle and life habits. Their metabolism is also affected, and the deciduous period of trees on both sides of city streets is delayed. Certain breeds of toads used to mate in the dark. Because the light on the ground exceeded normal values, the newborn baby turtle mistakenly regarded the land as the ocean and died of water shortage. Birds in the city are not distinguished by the four seasons of light. Artificial light often disorients birds when they migrate. Therefore, light pollution not only affects humans but also affects the survival of animals and plants and harms the ecological environment. Ecosystems are very complex. (

Changes in one species can affect the survival and development of other species. Therefore, the impact of light pollution on animals and plants is bound to cause changes in the entire ecosystem. Thus affecting humanity itself.

In my opinion, that’s a bad thing that occurs in our life. I believe that we reduce the rate of light pollution what saving energy at home and turn off unwanted light so we can reduce light pollution together and improve the lighting system. In addition, we can reduce a lot of light pollution. And we can also have a special day, people can use candles instead of electricity. We can also shield outdoor lightning. As long as you realize the fact that we are destroying the environment, and as long as we keep talking about it and spreading the word, we can make changes together and we can work towards a safe and healthy environment. There is already a movement called the ‘dark side movement’, which consists of astronomers who try to show people that light pollution is harmful and want to reduce it. (July 05, 2019) 

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