The Threats of Us Voting System

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I feel as though our voting system is our greatest demonstration as a nation of democracy, once Russians put their tools to attack and influence our voting systems it takes away from the statement of “land of the free” and now the people are left with an illegitimate candidate. I feel as though once their successful with just one cyber-attack they will have access to an unfadable amount of confidential information, which will cause a distrust amongst the citizens of the U.S. The people already feel as though they cannot trust their president because of he’s continuous denial of Russia’s interference in 2016, which is basically a slap in the face to the U.S as a nation, whom the people can trust if our own president will undermine our own democracy. Now as the world moves into a more technological era, we open our election system into a more dangerous state. Representative Val Demings stated, “… we also learned while paper ballots, while were moving into a digital age we learned that paper ballots are still the most reliable…”. When she stated this live on television she meant in terms of security and in terms of keeping things safe for the people and keeping the democracy in check. I personally felt as though she is correct, if we know we cannot fully protect electronical voting with the same assurance as paper ballot while old fashion must stay the same.

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Another problem, which occurred in the 2016 election is the disinformation campaigns that the Russians were a part of. This incident includes some risk of email accounts and purchases of domains, but those who would be caught in this incident would be charged, and another important note is that Trump’s campaign manager is currently sitting in jail and pleaded guilty. Some even considered even though the Russians helped Trump become president they’re real objective was more to hinder democracy in our society. In my personal opinion is that there is no full proof plan to grantee a solution to this, the best we can do is preventative steps and directly tell foreign governments not to intervene.

The next thing to do is come up with multiple “what if” solutions for just in case something is to happen we have steps to put into place to handle these problems and not go into a panic. I definitely feel these attacks should be considered as terrorism and because it attacks the well begin of what democracy is.

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