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The Three Musketeers VS The Adventures Of Spiderman Comics: a Comparative Analysis

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Through out time hero’s have given us guidance in how we act and behave in everyday tasks. These hero’s follow a basic archetype or typical example of what we believe a hero to be. In the book The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas and the Marvel Comics The Adventures of Spiderman by Stan Lee, there are two hero Character Archetypes D’Artagnan and Spiderman. These Characters come from two different time periods but have many things in common, such as their adventurous nature, immature ways and good values. But they mainly differ in the fact that they were developed in two different time periods, D’Artagnan 1800s Medieval France and Spiderman in the United States of America in the 1950s.

From the start you can quickly infer that D’Artagnan is very fearless young man. In the beginning of the book this is demonstrated when an unknown mustached man insults D’Artagnan by making fun of his horse. “But D’Artagnan was not a character to allow a man to escape him thus who had the insolence to ridicule him. He drew his sword entirely from the scabbard, and followed him crying, “Turn, turn, Master Joker, lest I strike you behind!” (Dumas 17). This event shows evidence that he is very daring individual. While in a like manner Spiderman shows that he is daring when soon after he discovers his powers goes to test them out by defeating the wrestler Crusher Hogan. Soon after he is discovered by an talent scout,and he soon appears on the Ed Sullivan Show masked and ready,he becomes an instant star ( Amazing Fantasy 1). This exhibits his boldness because just after discovering his new found powers he was already out testing them out. These two literary archetypes show their adventurous ways and help us understand how they relate to our everyday lives.

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The Dynamic Characters D’Artagnan and Spiderman are very immature. D’Artagnan expresses this immaturity because he falls in love very quickly. “ He felt at that instant all the suspicions of jealousy agitating his heart. He himself doubly betrayed,by his friend and by her whom he already loved like a mistress.Mme. Bonacieux had declared to him, by all the gods, that she did not know Aramis; and a quarter of an hour after having made this assertion, he found her hanging on the arm of Aramis.” He has just met this young woman and was already in love with her without even knowing anything much about her. By comparison Spiderman had a crush on Mary Jane from the first time he saw her (Marvel Directory 1). Even though he did go out with other woman through out High School,they did later form a relationship. D’artagnan and Spiderman falling in love easily shows their lack of experience because this can cause them to fall into undesirable situations because they will be blinded by love.

Another parallel between the literary figures is their over all value or beliefs system. They both stand for good triumphs evil. Like for instance D’Artagnan kills Milady because she caused the death of his mistress,the Duke of Buckingham,and a guard named Felton.Milady was also branded with a fleur de-lis. In similarity Spiderman leaves the love of his life to commit to a life of crime fighting (Orcutt 1) .He is faced with the evil villains like the Green Goblin and many more foes. These examples show similar aspects to their moral ethics code because they both stand on the basic belief that good outwits evil. These standards will play an important part in how they reflect their creators or authors. These good moral standards show a basis to everyday society and play a role in shaping our society’s moral views and concepts because we have grew up mimicking and learning good moral and ethical values through these heroic archetypes as examples . These morals in the hero’s display our society’s ethical roots and standards.

The Author of the Three Musketeers, Alexandre Dumas,was born July 24, 1802 (Dumas 1). This was a time of war in france led by the general Napoleon (BBC 1). Dumas had many experiences in which many of his characters were based off of. Like for example the character Porthos was based of his father, who was a delusional general of Napoleons Egyptian campaign. Dumas was born into an impoverished family, abandoned by his father he got very little education but become intrigued in popular literature of the time. In his young years he has a child with a seamstress named Catherine Labay. In the 1830s Dumas becomes a very popular and successful playwright. In 1843 the book The Three Musketeers comes out in serial installments.

Dumas Work The Three Musketeers is greatly influenced by the period. Like the setting of the book is around the 1600s France, it also is ruled by the monarch Louis the Eight, which was a real ruler. Also the Musketeers is based of the real life appointed one in 1622 by King Louis, they are used as his own personal bodyguards. The real life D’Artagnan is born in 1623 and is later appointed as the Captain of the Musketeers. The Three Musketeers is based of many real life events of Alexandre’s Dumas’s life, this is an excellent example of how literature reflects the time that it was created in.

Stan Lee was born December 28 1922 during The Great Depression (Stan 1). This was a time of poverty he and his family live in a one bedroom apartment. His Father was a dress cutter. In the early 1960s the character Spiderman was created, many aspects of the different adventures are reflect in the comics. Like for instance in the first ever episode Spiderman ends up at the Ed Sullivan Show, which happened to be popular show of the time (1950s 1). Another thing that was happening at this time was the Cold War, nuclear development on both hemisphere’s of the world caused grief and despair. So, in a way the people needed a hero, thats why the hero caught so much popularity that and he reminded us of ourselves. “He was just like an everyman,” said Ken Feliu, a 29-year-old commercial production director and lifelong comic book reader. “Batman had his secret identity but Bruce Wayne was a millionaire. Superman had his alter-ego [Clark Kent], but he was still Superman.

“With Spider-Man, he had his aunt nagging him, he had to get through school, he had to deal with his life, he had to hold down a job. He almost seemed like a regular guy,” said Feliu. “Here’s a guy who, while swinging from building to building on his way to fight Doc Ock [Dr. Octopus], is also thinking, ‘Oh man, how am I gonna pay the rent tomorrow?'”(ABC 1). Spiderman is just like you and me and that’s why he is so relatable.

The heroic archetypes D’Artagnan and Spiderman differ in their time periods but still have similar qualities. Like their thirst for adventure, their innocent immaturity, and even their value’s and moral system. These characters are so popular because they remind of ourselves and what our society really stands for. They also help us understand the world around us and how we are all hero’s in the little things we do, even if we aren’t sword fighting in the middle of the street or shooting webs out of our hands we are all hero’s. Hero’s in our society just glorify little tasks of kindness by everyday people with a little more action and drama.


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