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Since the beginning, humanity has been both animated and terrified by the movement of technology. 'The Pedestrian,' a short story by Ray Bradbury, happens in 2053 and pursues a man named Mr. Leonard Mead. Mr. Mead is one of a kind among of a city who that is controlled by technology. Ray Bradbury in the Pedestrian tells the story of a writer during the year of 2053. This is considered an odd job since no one really cares to read books any longer. The book opens up with Mr. Meade taking a walk out for his standard night hobby, going for a stroll. He has no family, he lives alone and he has never been married. He is the main person on foot out and about. He goes for delight in his strolls, an realizes nobody else is never out when he is out during is ten years of walking.

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In his mind, the pedestrian look at the houses to the grave yards since practically no action goes on in them. The main proof of human action is the ambiguous glinting of life and light inside. The TVs in this time have taken up the public activities of individuals and they once in a while leave their homes. He stops and converses with the houses to interest himself. He would make statements like, 'An income? What's up today on channel 7? A humorist tumbling off the stage?' as he passes the houses unnoticed. You can tell that the city is sheltered since he has never experienced any fight with anybody. Not to stand out or be trailed by pooches, the creator says that Mr. Meade figured out how to wear shoes.

On his way back home on this specific night, Mr. Meade experiences a police vehicle. This comes as a shock in light of the fact that the power was decreased from three vehicles to one since the city holds 3,000,000 individuals. The chances of him having a kept running in with the police were practically nothing. The squad car stops him, the probability of the vehicle being mechanical is high since the general public is vigorously robotized. He is requested to stop and put his hands up by a metallic voice. He attempts to clarify what he was doing and that he is just a street or two away from his home however he is compromised that on the off chance that he doesn't consent he will get shot.

Follow up questions come a while later. What do you accomplish professionally? He answers that he is an author, this is translated as jobless. What is being an author at any rate? Mr. Meade concurs it might be valid since he had not thought of any substance in years. He knows his absence of inspiration has been reliable since no one peruses books or magazines any longer. He is gotten some information about his whereabouts yet can't offer an acceptable response. He attempts to clarify that he was strolling to get some air which demonstrates trivial since the vehicle can't comprehend the substance of that. By what means can strolling be a leisure activity? In the wake of revealing that he doesn't claim a TV, they consider him as a risk to himself and the general public. The vehicle neglects to see how an individual can need enthusiasm for staring at the TV. He is then arranged to enter the vehicle and isn't shocked to find that there is no driver. Now, Mr. Meade is afraid for his security as he gets inside the cell-like secondary lounge. He is educated by the vehicle that he will be taken to the mental focus since his inclinations are backward. The way that he's not hitched and his better half can't give a vindication to him didn't support the circumstance. As he is situated and caught in his seat, the entryway is pummeled and the vehicle moves on. In transit, they go by his home, the just one with brilliant lights originating from it. He attempts to dissent yet again, just to get no reaction from the vehicle as he is removed.

Bradbury has consistently skepticism of technology in his books, and again, he did as such in the Pedestrian. The book is composed from a third individual. Basically, the subject investigates the reliance on innovation in the general public and what it will relentlessly turn into. A regular past time distraction of strolling in the book appears to be bizarre and backward. This is an account of humankind versus technology. Individuals have turned out to be subject to the TV surrendering all their physical and passionate control.

The vehicle speaks to the administration authority by figuring out what is best for the general public. Having individuals inside the entire night is an approach to occupy them from the doings of the administration. Mr. Meade stands apart as a dissenter who is an outsider in the general public in view of going for strolls alone in the city. As much as Mr. Meade's conduct was non-threatening to anybody, they closed it was. The creator portrays the defeat of mankind as technology dominates. This is made apparent by the robot police vehicle. You can tell that the vehicle doesn't grasp the requirement for mankind. It doesn't comprehend the reason for strolling. The police likewise preclude the presence from securing mankind by not perceiving the calling of an essayist as a type of work. A standard activity in the Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury is an ordinary day work and at night, to remain inside and sit in front of the TV. The simple truth that Mr. Meade didn't possess a TV was sufficient to depict him as insubordinate and battling authority. In the book, this was what enraged the authorities the most.  

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