The Tragedy of Macbeth: Different Character Analysis

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The tragedy of Macbeth expresses an excessive amount of devastation and evils. In the Macbeth play, Shakespeare presents many different character traits that are portrayed through many different characters. The main character Macbeth, who commits a number of vile acts is interpreted as an Avid, power-hungry leader whose willingness to go to any measure to be in a place of authority ends up destroying him. His wife: Lady Macbeth is a character who uses her ambition and audacity to gain the things she desires. However, while those two characters commit numerous wicked actions Banquo is a character in the play who is an honorable and loyal man whose innocence is stolen by Macbeth. This further concludes that Shakespeare illustrates a diverse amount of characteristics in this play.

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Macbeth’s desperate craving for power leads him to his own depravity and destruction. His moral condition seems to first break down after he kills Duncan. Macbeth says, “I’ll go no more: I am afraid to think what I have done; Look on’t again I dare not”. These lines truly express how guilty Macbeth feels about the murder he’s just committed. Macbeth knows he’ll have a hard time hiding this act and killing Duncan will forever remain a part of who he is. In addition, when Banquo’s ghost appears at the Banquet Macbeth’s vision of reality is compromised. This is illustrated when Macbeth exclaims, “The bones are marrowless, thy blood is cold thoust hast no speculation in those eyes”. In this quote, Macbeth discloses that his unrestrained guilt is causing him to lose his grip on sanity. Furthermore, when Macbeth visits the witches for a final time it’s clear how much his mental state has deteriorated. Macbeth manically declares, “ I see that two-fold balls and treble scepters carry: Horrible sight! Now, I see ‘tis true”. Banquo’s appearance at the banquet is meant to express how Macbeth is losing his sanity due to the guilt he is experiencing. To sum up, the vile things Macbeth has done to reach a position of authority have proven to lead him to his moral and self destruction.

Throughout the play Lady Macbeth’s ambitions and audacity cause her to appear as a strong willed character. As Lady Macbeth reflects on her husband's character she exposes her own reasoning on how to achieve a position of authority. She says, “Thou wouldst be great art not without ambition, but without The illness should attend it” . Lady Macbeth believes people who are brave and audacious enough to take extremes will rise to power. In addition, readers interpret Lady Macbeth as a strong person who encourages her husband to achieve his goals. “But screw your courage to the sticking-place, And we’ll not fail”. In other words, Lady Macbeth believes that bravery is the single most important factor of success. Lady Macbeth also fears that her husband is too consumed with dear to go through with the act of killing Duncan. Similarly, while Lady Macbeth is waiting for Duncan to arrive at her castle she says, “Come, you spirits That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here, and And fill me from the crown to the toe-top full of direst cruelty”. What Lady Macbeth truly means by saying this is she believes that her being female limits her ability to achieve the power she desires to have. Equally significant, she begs the spirits to provide her with the courage she needs to help her husband kill the king. Altogether, Shakespere continually portrays Lady Macbeth as a strong, powerful woman who encourages her husband to do whatever it takes to become the King.

Banquo’s character is an honorable man who remains loyal to his king and country throughout the entirety of the play. His loyalty to Scotland his honorable morals are proven when the Thane of Cawdor is proven a traitor. Banquo says, “ Win us with honest trifles, to betray’s In deepest consequence. Cousins, a word, I pray you.”This illustrates how much Banquo values loyalty and honesty. He feels personally betrayed when the Thane of Crawder is revealed as a traitor and believes he deserves severe punishment. Furthermore, when Duncan is found dead Banquo expresses his loyalty to his king. “In the great hand of God I stand; and thence Against the undivulged pretence I fight Of treasonous malice.” These lines truly show the tragedy of the Kind Duncans death and how Banquo personally feels about his murder. Shakespere includes Banquo's lines to represent his true emotions on Duncan. More so, Banquo has proven that he will remain loyal to any king of Scotland, “Let your highness command upon me; to which my duties Are with a most indissoluble tie forever knit”. Banquo puts his trust in Macbeth and promises to obey him no matter the order. However, this trust and loyalty ultimately leads to Banquo's death. To conclude, Banquo's character continually remains an honorable and loyal man who trusts his countries leaders.

All things considered Shakespeare represents a variation of characterization that he portrays in diverse ways. For example, Macbeth represent an evil man who commits many horrible, immoral acts in order to become and maintain his position as King of Scotland. Likewise, Lady Macbeth’s characteristics are those of a strong woman who has aggressive ambition and is brave enough to encourage her husband when he fears the consequences of their actions. Finally, Banquo’s nobleness and pride in his country allows Shakespeare to show an admirable character that readers can look up too.   

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