The Transformation of Life from Country to City in Faisalabad

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Economic and Educational Factors in Faisalabad

Faisalabad covers a vast agricultural area, but with the growing population the agricultural land is replacing by hotels, housing societies, shopping malls, business centres and multi-national companies. In past recent years the emergence of educational institutions has grown in Faisalabad as the students now understand the significance and quality of education. On the other side, the opportunities of jobs are also increasing yet it is not equal to the other major cities of Pakistan but somehow people are now finding ways to earn livelihood. Investors are now investing in different fields and establishing a reputable and profitable business in this third largest city.

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People’s Nature

Whether you visit in village, mediocre area or in the elite area of Faisalabad, people will show their best hospitality to the visitors and to their neighbours and help them in different ways such as to guide them with direction if they are new to this city. They have become trend setters and know how to spend a balanced life. There is a large hub and supporters of all major political parties in Faisalabad. This is because that the majority is educating and showing interest in literacy and in education.

A Glance at Faisalabad’s Festivals

From the regional Urs Melas to the Pop n Rock Musical Concerts, from celebrating Eids to the New Year parties, all the fun is happening in Faisalabad. People are now respecting and understanding the arts and cultures across the globe. In summers, every weekend an owner of a farmhouse arranges a pool party for families where the arrangements of food and drink in a different variety can be seen. And not in the farmhouses only, big families and friends are doing roof parties at their residential places and spending a quality time with each other. The craze of eating a variety of food is also increasing in the people of Faisalabad and in this scenario the number of restaurants of fast food and continental food are also growing. Talking about the winters then hot cups of tea in the tea cafes in open air is matchless to any other delights.

The fun Areas in Faisalabad

The amusement parks in different places in this city attract the even the small neighboring cities and generating a huge income for the owners of such parks and play lands. Eatery shops are remained opened even after midnight and some are opened 24/7, this double the fun and people are preferring to stay in this city due to the countless activities and fun. The high class housing societies with all luxuries and international standard of gyms for men and women are here in this city and people have raised their living values. Life in Faisalabad city has been transformed to the other level now and all the school, college and university students are taking part in order to make their city much better by making artistic murals on the main walls of this city and some of the painting reminds the historic moments.

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