The Transgender Issues from a Trans Point of View

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Reading the article written by Thomas Page Mcbee helps me understand the transgender issues from a trans point of view better, thus allowing me to reflect my life and thoughts about them more precisely. There are three issues that I would love to emphasize based on my reading.

The first issue that I found in the article is about the trend among TV producers and authors often use to gain popularity and rating which is by including trans character in their works. As a person who never met a trans, I thought their description of trans women’s characterisation like sassy, glamorous, and cry-baby are true but I was wrong. Back then, I used to watch MMA tournament with my dad on TV and we both were a fan of Fallon Fox who is a super strong MMA fighter that only lost once in her games. When she declared that she is a transgender, we both were very surprised because she is nothing like trans women described by many professional writers. This leads me to a realization that these unrealistic stereotypes made by many writers can be misleading; and like many other humans, every and each of trans people is different in behaviour and characteristic.

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Next, I would like to highlight on rapid progress made by transgender in fighting judgement and hate thrown on them by bravely opening up and keep striving for excellency despite being attack mentally by society. Due to their persistent, many of them received awards in their field as well as respect and it can be proven on how the Press feature them nowadays. One of them is Wendy Carlos, a brilliant musician and music composer that has won three Grammy Awards. Her diligence is a quality we all should copy regardless her practice. As a Muslim, I don’t support transgender since it is prohibited in Islam, however, it didn’t stop me from respecting and adoring them especially if they obtain a great achievement in life. In Quran, Allah implied to us that LGBT is forbidden but let’s not forget that Allah also reminds us to respect every human being. Hence, as a Muslim I would reject the practice of transgender but also as a Muslim I would respect them and stand up for them if they are being violated.

Moving on, challenging gender norm is a serious issue revolving our life in this present. Take toxic masculinity as example; more and more men are being suppressed from showing any emotion other than anger. They are forced to put on a brave face and are not allowed to cry in public or else they are going to be judge. This ridiculous pressure among guys need to be gone or else suicide among men is going to increase. In fact, according UK National Statistic, 75% suicide cases in UK is dominated by males. 

And in my opinion, transgender is doing a better job than us in eliminating this issue. Their boldness in showing femininity in masculinity and vice versa had shaken the social gender roles and stereotypes indicating that with further enforcement we could break this hidden sexism pattern.  

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