The Trial and Subjectivity of Morality

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So last night I finished watching a brilliant web series that aired on Netflix. The name of the web series was “Narcos”. It revolved around the life of a famous drug kingpin named Pablo Escobar Gaviria in Columbia. It showed how he rose to power in 1985 and his fall in 1993. He was a narcoterrorist. He killed over 4000 people during his reign in Columbia. I watched the whole web series and carefully examined the psychology of Pablo Escobar. He never thought of himself as he was doing something wrong, in his own mind the set of morals he had, according to that he believed that he was always being denied of what he deserved and he was just fighting back for it. In the end when he died, in an exclusive interview with his mother, his mother claimed that he was a good man that was just trying to protect and make a future for his family.

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So according to his mother and himself he was a good moral man but according to the rest of the world his deeds were totally immoral, and what he did was wrong. So what is it? If he had been taught about morality and if he had been given a course on morality, would that have saved the lives of 4000 Columbians? It is not actually true.

Morality has always been a senseless idea to me. For me it has always been like another religion as it comprises the ideas of what is good and bad according to the society. Morality or moral rules is just a set of ideas that people have formed in their minds of what they think is right. What is right and what is wrong, if we actually open this debate then we will end up in a fight, this is because no such thing actually exists. All the wars that have ever happened on this planet are just because of this, what you believe is right is wrong for me. The way I see it is morality is just an idea, and the people always come up with their own morality according to their convenience. And one person’s kind of morality and another person’s kind of morality is always at war.

Once you have a strong set of morals you will start to see that no one in the world is alright. And once you have such an opinion about people that no one is alright, it is the first sign of insanity. I think morality is just a substitute for humanity. What should have naturally occurred, we are trying to act it out. Our education system, our social institutions have never focused on stirring up our humanity, we are always trying to fix it with morality and it has never worked. All we do is divide people in different moral sects and they always fight, because one doesn’t fit into the other. Imposition of moral rules has constrained human beings to act according to an idea of goodness which when we consider the state of the world today has obviously not worked.

So I think people need sensibility and humanity instead of morality. Morality has been brought about by those people who have senseless compulsions in them and necessary sense is not there. Bringing up humanity means that your actions are in context with the present reality in which you exist and this context is never the same it is always changing. If only Pablo Escobar had the necessary humanity alive in him he would never have dared to kill those 4000 people regardless of what his morals and ideas would have been. Terrorism is actually just based on this, a group of people think that they are right and what they are doing is for the good, and so the whole world just doesn’t fall into the rules of their morality and beliefs, and inevitably there is a war.

So I think we need to create a world which is totally immoral but sensible, we need people to be human rather act human. It is like this, if you can experience that your life depends on this planet, and every other being is dependent on each other, then I don’t have to tell you that don’t kill that person or don’t cut these trees or don’t kill animals. Essentially we just need to be sensitive to the life around us.    

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