The Trouble with the Term Art and Learning About It

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From birth, babies are creating learning about the world. This segment centers especially around how kids develop through taking part in tactile encounters in the zone of Visual Arts. The term 'art' inside this area alludes the different fine arts of visual expressions, for example, painting, drawing, model and photography.

Art is pretty much incorporated into the cultural and practical life areas in a classroom, the children learn to cut, paste and be creative. The children also learn different artists and their arts. For example, if they are learning about insects, they might decorate or draw butterflies or any other insect. This area is where the children express themselves through art. Art is a way for young learners to express their thoughts and creativity. They get to express their feelings, the way they see things visually and their views of it. They write stories and feel productive while drawing pictures. As the children grow old they add more detail and complexity in their drawings. At the age of 5, depending on the child, a sense of pattern emerges.

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“All young children are great artists. The importance of their art is in the act of creating with confidence and in using their imagination. It is our sacred trust not to take away this gift from our children, but to encourage and nurture it at every opportunity” - Susan Striker

Strategies of Art

Good aesthetics result overall sense of attractiveness and beauty within an early childhood center. Creative and performing arts and activities such as art and music as well assist children to value beauty of form, both in nature and in man made things.

Music-It offers opportunities for listening, singing, creating, rhythmic responses, and playing instrument. The child experiences pleasure, joy and creative expression, develops listening skills and auditory discrimination. The child learns to appreciate music. Children like making their own music, learn language by listening and imitating. Parents and teachers can suggest activities like creative movements that expand the child’s imagination. Music is also the fun method of physical fitness as an important goal of child’s development

Role Play- Role Play is child’s direct activity. Role playing boosts imagination, creativity and nurtures imaginations particularly important for young learners development. There is a lot happening during role play, children are lifting, dropping, looking, pouring, bouncing, hiding and more. Parents and teachers can promote children’s development by creating an environment that supports role play.

Dance: This has been a tradition in many cultures. A simple song with a simple body movement can brighten a child’s mood or the classroom. Parents and teachers can teach the students the words and actions to the songs and practice the song with actions until all of the students feel comfortable.  

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