The True Nature of the Politician as Described in Plunkitt of Tammany Hall

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George Washington Plunkitt of Tammany Hall is book that covers the topic of down to earth legislative issues by the Democratic congressperson of New York (District of Tammany), George Washington Plunkitt, at the starting of the 20th century. This book reveals the psychological tasks of maybe the most altogether down to earth legislator of the day – George Washington Plunkitt, Tammany pioneer of the Fifteenth Assembly District, Sachem of the Tammany Society and Chairman of the Elections Committee of Tammany Hall, who has held the workplaces of State Senator, Assemblyman, Police Magistrate, County Supervisor and Alderman, and who gloats of his record in filling four open workplaces in a single year and drawing compensations from three of them in the meantime. 

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According to the book a Politician is a person for the people. It’s a Person who wouldn’t dare steal from the bank and from other places. Plunkitt also sates that you have to go through train to be a statesman. “Politics is as much a regular business as the grocery or the dry-goods or the drug business. You've got to be trained up to it or you're sure to fail” (Riordon, Chapter 4). This shows to prove that if the proper training to become a politician is given the person aspiring will surely fail at that task. Plunkitt made a clear description between honesty graft and dishonest graft. Most of the time people can not tell difference between them. For honesty graft, one works exclusively for one's very own advantages. For dishonest graft, one seeks after, in the meantime, the interests of one's gathering, state, and individual. He profited through the buy of land that he knew would be required for open activities. He would purchase such bundles and after that exchange them at an expanded cost. 

This was honesty graft. dishonesty graft, as indicated by Plunkitt, would purchase land and after that utilizing impact to have a task based on it. Plunkitt explains the difference using the example of Tammany Hall and the Philadelphia republicans. “The Philadelphians ain't satisfied with robbin' the bank of all its gold and paper money. They stay to pick up the nickels arid pennies and the cop comes arid nabs them.” Plunkitt doesn’t drink as a statesman. He believes that great statesmen don’t partake in drinking liquor. “Charlie Murphy takes a glass of wine at dinner sometimes. but he doesn’t go beyond that A drinkin’ man wouldn’t last two weeks as leader of Tammany Hall. Nor can a man manage an assembly district long if he drinks. He’s got to have a clear head all the time” (Riodion Ch 19). This shows that drinking a little is not as bad as being a drunkard to strong drink. Being drunk under the influence of liquor will compromise the political campaign    

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