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The Truth About Sports Betting

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If I would want to summarize all that I am going to write on this topic, I would say: Sports betting mostly is a total waste of time and energy. Hope you are not surprised by my bluntness. But I have a reason for saying that and I think you would like to know. You might think my opinion is based on my experience, yes you are correct but let’s be honest, how many people or punters as they call them, make money from sports betting?

The answer is, very few. In fact, less than 1% of the total number of punters can say they have made a profit from betting on sport. That is also so surprising but it is true. On the internet, there are lots of data relating related to sports betting, mostly are statistics aim towards making predicting outcomes easy and more accurate. So many websites carrying this information. But the reverse is the case, no matter the amount of information available to you predicting the outcome of these events is very difficult. So many people all around the world bet on sport and almost all of them are at the losing end, lots of money are lost, these monies end up in the betting companies’ pocket making them richer. Predicting outcomes in any sporting event is very difficult. Surprises spring up every day and for every surprise, money is being lost from millions of punters all around the world. Oh, the news of huge amount won comes once in a while. The betting companies even pay to advertise and spread this news. Over the years, this strategy of talking about their few winnings and not talking about their losses have been working, as new persons are always lured by this news to start betting not knowing what is involved.

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One punter wins a million the whole world hears about it, what happens to the thousands that have lost their hard-earned money? Do you ever wonder why new betting companies come out every now and then? The simple reason is that running a betting company is lucrative as much profit is guaranteed within the shortest time possible. Punters don’t make anything close to what they lose. Some punters that are still betting just do it because they are addicted not because they still see it as a way of making money. For a person who wants to go into sports betting, you should know that it is not a wonderful venture. Chances are that you will end up losing sooner or later. Once you start, it will be very difficult to stop because when you lose some money, you may not be able to quit considering how much you have lost already.


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