The Tuck Everlasting Story and Plot Development

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The Tuck everlasting story has a lot of parts where there are a lot of hard Choices to make. When Mae Tuck decided to tell Winnie their story and trust a ten year old girl with such sensitive story, where Angus tuck tells Winnie if he had a choice to be able to die he wouldn’t wait a second to make the decision, where Miles had the decision to let his family drink from the fountain, etc


Time: the story talks about how the Tucks live forever, this tells us that the tucks have been alive for a long time and will continue living till the end of time. And they see their sons Jesse and Miles every 10 years.

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Death: Even though the Tuck family never dies their good friend Winnie dies and all the people who have not had water from the spring will die. Death is not nessesarily a big part of the story but it is apart of the story because the Tuck family explain to Winnie that living forever is not natural and is not normal. Angus Tuck described his family as rocks because they are just there they don’t age, can’t be killed and live forever, he said he wants to be apart of the circle of life even if he has to die, because dying is part of living.

Coming of age: throught the story we see how Winnie foster has grown throughout the book, we have seen how she reacts different from how she used to and what her feelings are towards other people during the book. One part of the book that showed me that Winnie has grown was when Angus Tuck was confused and did not know how to react when Mae was being taken away by the constable, Winnie said “ don’t worrie everything is going to be okay” , that has showed me that she has grown because no ten year old would ever say such a thing in a situation like that, her answer showed the readers that she has matured and isn’t that small naive little girl at the start of the story.

Love: Winnie thought of the Tucks as criminals at first but as she got to know them, she started to become friends with them and towards the end of the story she took Mae tucks place in the prison cell to help the Tuck family keep their secret and when she was found in the cell the following day she was questioned my her parents and her response as to why she did that was “ because they are my friends”. She thought to herself saying that the Tucks where her friends and she loved them. Jesse Tuck also loved someone in the story other than his family. He loved Winnie which is why he asked her to drink the spring water when she turns seventeen years old, but sadly for him she did not and Winnie ended up dying at the end of the story.

Plot events

Exposition: in the beginning of the story it starts of with Mae trying to talk to Angus Tuck about how she is going to the woods to meet her boys Jesse and Miles Tuck, then it goes to explain about Winnie and her family the Fosters and how they owned the woods, but it mostly focuses on Winnie and how she wants to go out of her house and explore, then the book introduces us to the man in the yellow suit. At the start the man in the yellow suit sounds like a very nice man, but him not having a name makes him a suspicious and scary character from the start, so people were not suprised to find out that he was the antagobist of the story.

Rising action: the rising action begins when the man in the yellow suit arrives at the Fosters gate, then it talks about how Winnie plans on running away. Winnie decides to run away but runs into Jesse Tuck and catches him drinking out of the fountain, Winnie tries to drink out of the fountain but Jesse tries to stop her but doesn’t have a reason to and that’s when Mae and Miles came and decided to tell Winnie their story. The tucks told Winnie their secret and while all of that was happening the man in the yellow suit was watching them and heard everything and knows their secret. The man in the yellow suit finds out where the Tuck family has taken Winnie, he then steals their horse so that they can not return Winnie to her home and goes straight to the Fosters gate. He tells them that he knows where their daughter is but he doesn’t say where, he just gives an option to sell the wood to him in return of their daughter. The constable arrives and they go out to find Winnie.

Climax: The climax it the point where the man in the yellow suit gets to the Tuck family home before constable Joe and threatens the Tuck family. He tells them that he will start selling the water to people and will make Winnie drink the water so that moment Mae Tuck was standing by the kitchen door holding Tucks old shotgun, and she shot him right in the head. The constable saw it all happen and he confronted the tucks. He put Mae tuck under arrest and told her if the man dies that she will go to the gallows. That’s when Winnie realised that their secret will be exposed because Mae can’t die.

Falling action: the falling action is after Mae shot the man in the yellow suit, she was sent to the new prison and Winnie was back home. Winnie felt that everything was different know because she knew something about the Tucks that no one else did. Later on that day the constable arrives and tells the Fosters that the man in the yellow suit is dead and that Mae Tuck will be going to the gallows. That’s when Winnie started to think about what was going to happen and started thinking to herself that she has to get

Mae out from there, that’s when Winnie found Jesse by the gate and he told her that they will be breaking Mae out and will be leaving treegab. Winnie came up with a plan and told Jesse about it and he said to her that his father would not be okay with it but Winnie really wanted to help, so he told her to be there at midnight.

Resolution: the resolution is the part where Winnie helps the Tucks get Mae out of the Jailhouse by taking her place in the cell. Winnie decided to do that to give the Tucks enough time to get far from treegap as possible and their plan was successful. The next morning the constable found winnie in the cell and was very upset he told her that she was a criminal and is supposed to be punished but is too young to be punished by the law, Winnie felt very guilty afterwards and was terrified to hear what her parents would say. Winnie’s parents where very sad when they heard what their daughter did but after she told them that the tucks were her friends and that she loved them they understood what she did snd forgave her. Winnie the next day was outside thinking about how school was going to start and the toad showed and a second later a dog who was very friendly until it saw the toad, the dog started to bark anfd become agressive it was about to step in the toad but Winnie without thinking picked it up and put it on her side of the fence, then she ran upstairs to her room to get the water that Jesse gave and poured it on the toad and set it free.


Time: the story was set somewhere in the 1880s because there were no technological advancements like there is in the present day and the people lived in a small town peacefully and carefree because there was no industrialism.

Social environment: the social environment is very different from what it is today because there are no technological devices, there are less buildings and more trees and people interact with each other more.

Place: the place where the story was set in was in a small town or village called treegap. Treegap is a town hidden in the woods and is where the Foster and Tuck family lives.

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