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The Type Of Bipod Suitable For M4 And M16 Guns

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In this article, we will discuss the type of bipod suitable for M4 and M16 guns. The article emphasizes the Harris type bipod for both guns. According to experts, it is the most reliable and convenient bipods for M4 and M16. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the installation of these bipods for M4 and M16. First, it is necessary to stretch by hand while pushing the switch of the bipod, but there are some grooves in the middle of the extended part, and when you release the switch at that position it is fixed there. What is the spring attached to the end of the foot? When saying, pressing down the switch from the point where the spring shrinks and fills the legs fully fills up and it automatically expands to full.

If you do not compress the spring when you shrink it will stretch by its own weight or extend it by hand so it feels a bit subtle function. Immediately prepare for installation. First of all, loosen the underlying screw and pull up the part that grips the bipod adapter and put it on the opposite side of the part to grasp and expand it. There are narrow openings on the table that are narrow in the left and right, so cut it. This table is made of resin and there is no feature to cut it. Even if pinching the bottom side with pliers, it will not open about 2 mm from the width of the bipod adapter. Why do not you try expanding the range of movement by extending the U-shaped bracket that holds it to the left and right, as the shaft part between the bottom pinching methods seems to be too narrow?

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Somehow it will be expanded to the width of the bipod adapter. However, it is not possible to grasp the bipod adapter unless it is to be a little caught. Since the bipod adapter is originally attached to this gun, remove it and have it with the Versa type, grab the bipod adapter with the metal fittings of Harris type bipod.

Tighten the screws on the bottom to fix them and finish. Versa type may be losing a bit with convenience as it can be folded and unfolded by grabbing and grabbing both legs together. Even in the state where the foot is separated from the ground and the bipod is hanging under the gun, it is an advantage of the Harris type that the bipod does not brush too much. Harris type bipod body weight is 376 g. Versus Versa type has 630 g, which also has advantages in terms of weight. Next, install a 20 mm rail adapter. Since the bipod adapter protrudes on the underside of this adapter, just fix it with the same procedure as grabbing the bipod adapter attached to the gun.

Then just attach it to the gun with a 20 mm rail on the lower front of the gun. Since only the part of the screw, part is hanging on the lateral groove of the rail, even 20 mm rail which is not Picatinny can install as long as there are lateral grooves. The under the rail of this air coke M4 is a strange lateral groove interval close to Weaver rail, but it has been attached without problems.


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