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The Types Of Penguins And Facts About Them

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There are many unique birds, they can be fast or slow, small or big, can fly or stay on the ground! I am going to be listing a type of bird that interests me immensely, the penguin! There are many types of these strange birds, so I will be introducing Ten of the Seventeen types! The first five I am explaining are types that are not endangered.

The Penguins That Are Not Endangered

The first type of Penguin is the classic Emperor Penguin. There are about 135,000 to 175,000 Pairs of penguins. It’s scientific name is “Aptenodytes forsteri.” The second type of Penguin is the Macaroni Penguin. It was discovered by Johann Friedrich von Brandt, who was wearing a hat known as the macaroni hat, which gave this penguin its name. It is also known as Eudyptes chrysolophus, and has around 11.600,000 of its kind. The third type is the Rockhopper Penguin, it is very lightweight, and lives on rocky areas. They migrate across the Earth to breed in the north. It is also known as Moseley’s Penguin, and Eudyptes chrysocome. The fourth type is a species you may not be familiar with, the Snares Crested Penguin. It is also lightweight and has about 33,000 pairs. They can be found in New Zealand and their presence can surprisingly kill off vegetation! They are also known as Eudyptes robustus. The final species that is not endangered that I will be talking about is the Chinstrap Penguin. They recovered from a close extinction and now have a population of 7,700,000 million. Their scientific name is Pygoscelis antarctica.

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Endangered Penguins

The next five penguin species I will be discussing are endangered and may go extinct in the future. The sixth type is the Humboldt Penguin. It is endangered due to major fishing in their area. They breed along the Peruvian and Chilean coastline, with less that 10,000 left. They are also known as Spheniscus Humboldti.

The seventh type is the African Penguin. The total species count is unknown. They breed along the South coast of Africa, are also known as Spheniscus demersus, and have suffered from oil spills in the past decade. The eighth type is the Yellow-eyed Penguin. They have the highest chance of extinction with about 5,500 left! They are also known as Megadyptes antipodes. The ninth type is the Fiordland Crested Penguin. They breed in New Zealand and Tasmania. They are also known as Eudyptes pachyrhynchus. The tenth type is the Galápagos Penguin. They are found off the coast of Ecuador, and have no breeding season. They are also known as Spheniscus mendiculus.

Facts About Penguins

This next paragraph contains other facts about penguins. As most people know, all animals have an albino variant, and the penguin is no different. Instead of having a white and pink albino, the black is now grey instead! The albino penguins lack pigmentation in their eyes, which lead to impared eyesight, mostly in the day. They can be spotted easier by their predators. Unfortunately, the albino penguins have a shorter lifespan than normal. Puffins are a type of bird that are mixed up with penguins. Puffins are located in the North Hemisphere, while penguins are in the South. Leopard Seals often feed on Penguins, while Antarctic Shags feast on penguin eggs. Penguins are in danger of oil spills, global warming and fishing. You can help the penguins by simply attempting to fix these! Most penguins live in Antarctica, but some live in other regions such as New Zealand, Southern Africa and other southern Islands.


There are a lot more things to learn about penguins, and some species and facts I have not discussed to you, so keep learning!


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