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The Types of Wall Planters

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Wall planters come in different styles and materials. For the materials, there are some that are made from ceramic, contemporary metals, terrarium planters, plastic as well as terracotta pots. They’re beautifully painted. Majority of the mentioned pots are used for plants which need soil for growth. But for aquatic plants, terrarium would be perfect.


If it’s the terracotta pot you’ll like to choose, the first thing you need to do is to screw to the wall a holder that is bowl-shaped. This ensures support so that the pot can be placed in it. Using these pots directly on the wall if you’re using a white wall is not too good. Reason being that they leave stains on the wall that you might not notice straightaway. The result is unnecessary clean-ups which you can avoid with this tip.

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A painted ceramic wall planter that has an “urn shape” is the ideal choice for a vibrant and cultural feel. It appears as an half pot when it’s screwed into the wall.


For lovers of traditional pots, ring holders that are steel are used to secure them to the wall. After then, it is filled with flowers of their choice. For a modern look, wall planters like the terrarium glass, metal containers that are round and plain and your stainless-steel pots are the best choices. They can be used for planting herbs. With these wall planters, your interior decoration would be posh.

Wall Planters Installation Procedures – How to Install a Wall Planter

How your wall planter is to be displayed is a very important thing to plan for. It should come first before any other thing.

Choose the Spot

Just before the planter is screwed into the wall, mark the exact spot that you want to fix the planter into the wall. This should help you avoid errors and thus, fixes.

Examine the Nail Size that Your Planter Requires

For a heavy planter, use anchor screws with extra grip. On the wall, put the expansive anchor and a plastic insert and them drill it into the wall. Using screws with heavy-duty will hold the pot weight and prevent sinking. For terrarium glass, hardwall hooks are used because they can support a weight of about 20 pounds. When hung from the hard wall hooks, terrarium wall planters look gorgeous.

Fix the Plant into the Wall Planter

Firstly, put some gravel into the pot. This helps to absorb the water when it’s excess. Afterward, add soil. Put the plant root into the pot and add more soil. Terrarium glass filled with water is used for aquatic plants. The roots of the plant are placed in the water.

Screw the Wall Planter into the Wall

You need assistance here. Someone can help you to hold the wall planter in the marked spot and then you screw the pot into the drilled sleeve. For terrarium planters, use the previously fixed hard wall hook to hang it.

Watering Your Wall Planters

Below are watering tips that can help you to keep your houseplants healthy and alive. Make sure that the plant’s soil is equally moist. Don’t water frequently but when you do water your plants, do it thoroughly and make sure the soil is evenly soaked. Using a watering can with a long sprout, water the middle of the wall planter. Water the plant according to its specificity. Don’t treat the plants the same way since needs for water will obviously differ. Unfiltered water should be used for aquatic plants because its mineral content is high. To avoid shocking your hydrophyte root, a warm water is required (room temperature).

Criteria for Selection

The following are a few things to consider before choosing a wall planter. They include:

Plant Size/Type

The type of plant that will be in the wall planter should be put into consideration when selecting wall planters. The plants should be moderately big so as to make them hang properly on the wall. Also, size helps with the appeal, so it’s good to pick something big as well. Nevertheless, just because we’re encouraging you to pick plants that are big doesn’t mean you should go overboard. This is because it may be heavy to stay on the wall if you pick something that’s too big for the wall planter. So for your choice, go for small annuals or succulent. Just make sure they’re fairly small.

Enough Sunlight

Before you hang the wall planters, ensure that the spot on the wall receives enough sunlight depending on your plant type. The sunlight required by plants vary. So it’s best that you find the perfect position for long-term survival of your plant. It’s not going to flatter any room if the plant dies from lack of energy.

What are you going to use it for?

Before purchasing a planter, consider if the pot will fit into the marked spot for it. Think of the color and even material. Also, note its uses. Would it be for a terrestrial plant or an aquatic plant? Don’t just rush into the market to buy what looks good, as your needs or wants and eventual satisfaction comes first before anything else. You can sketch out your needs (areas above apply) and shop according to them.


Know your home aesthetic and personal style before purchasing a wall planter. Choose a planter that fits into the style of your home and make sure that your decorations at home (both interior and exterior) compliment your wall planter. Doing the opposite of this will definitely not look good.

Wall Planter Material

Wall planters are made with different materials. This ranges from wood to cement, terracotta, and even glass. Your wall planter usage determines the type of material you should get. Regardless, you can of course go with different materials if they agree with your both your budget and want. You should just know that, there isn’t necessarily a limit on how many you can get, in as much as they’re properly arranged.


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