The Understanding of Behaviors: Self-Reflection

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This paper is to understand and reflect on what causes our behaviors and self-reflecting on the impact it has in our lives. Many of us do not know the reasons of why people behave the way they do. I find it interesting in learning that our minds have a very significant part in the way we act. For example, we tend to react in a specific manner when someone aggressively approaches us. As a person, you immediately put your guard up to protect yourself. This type of reaction is called fight or flight. It's impressive on how our brain sends signals to our bodies for it to defend itself. Sometimes our responses are not thought out our bodies react to the aggressiveness that has been forced on us. Studying our behaviors can make it easier for us to self-reflect on the impact it has on our lives. Self-reflection can be viewed as a destructive force. Psychologists’ research shows that it is a critical component of the positive change in life. Theories on self-regulation stress that change requires two things: a goal, and an awareness of where one currently is to assess the discrepancy between the two.

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Interaction between people is becoming more difficult due to the different types of behaviors people exhibit. There are three main types of behaviors; assertive, passive aggressive, and aggressive behavior. Expressing assertive behavior typically people are being direct, honest, and empathetic. Also, they tend to be confident and respect others and themselves. Passive aggressiveness is when the person becomes angry with someone but, does not show his aggression physically towards that person. Aggressiveness is when the person engages in physical contact with the person that he/she has conflict with. Many of us have had a moment of disruptive behavior or a lapse in judgment. However, behavioral problems are consistent and are all around us.

When interacting with others self-reflect on any previous behaviors that will be perceived as offensive or inappropriate. We make mistakes all the time, especially while interacting with our peers. We tend to forget ourselves when in the company of friends or family. One temper tantrum can change the concept everyone has of you. Evaluate your emotional stress and behaviors before having encounters with people.

Avoid any emotional stressors that can lead to breakdowns. Knowing what triggers your emotional stress is a place to start self-reflecting. Emotional stress transpires when we are in a position that makes us feel unsafe in some way. Emotional stress can display in many ways here is an example: anxiety, anger, sadness, and depression. Fear can cause anxiety; Frustration can cause agitation, and an imbalance of your emotions can cause distress.

Learning to control your behaviors around others is not easy but can be managed. Remember not everyone we meet acts the same or can be more anxious than we are. Managing our behaviors is a job in itself if we are not in control of our actions. For example, what your reaction would be if someone would bump your shoulder by accident while passing you? Also, let us say that in this same scenario that morning before walking out the house your sink started leaking.

Of course, I would not be a happy person while walking down the street. My reaction would not be the correct one, at the same time, there will be things that happen to us to put us in a bad mood. This is how we learn to manage our behaviors and emotions. Correcting our first reaction of yelling at the passerby to just ignoring the bump figuring that it was an accident and everyone is only in a rush to get to wherever it is that they are going.

Power struggles will be between two people fighting for power for that moment. It can be between parents and their children to two coworkers fighting for a promotion in their job. These power struggles cause tension and stress to both parties involved. Take measures to resolve any conflict that was created by your actions. Avoid power struggles to keep your emotional state healthy.

When in situations that cause you to stress, anxiety or depression try cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches people specific skills to reduce stress, manage anxiety and depression. Many of us tend to forge on in our daily lives without evaluating our stressors and this gets in the way on how we interact socially. Addressing your tension and the emotional issue can help with how you behave in society. Seeking help when we need it, it is not considered a weakness as some of us may think when in reality it makes us stronger and gives us a solution to our problems.

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