The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living

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Socrates concluded that living a life during which you reside under other people’s laws is not worth living in an exceedingly continuous routine hook line and sinker what you would like from it. Renowned comment by Socrates, ‘Unexamined life is not worth living’ To announce that humans must evaluate their life so on the measure a satisfying one is in no way appropriate. The assertion by Socrates instigates debate, but it does not generally consult the way of life of everyone and what makes or does not make life worth living. The argument that everybody’s non-examined lives do not have any meaning and can not be lived is irrational, and not valid. Besides ‘examining their lives,’ there are indeed lots more that finally ends up in an exceedingly personality’s satisfaction and well-being. Considerations like personal experiences, being with family, things to be grateful for, memories, and finding success in life. All that produces one happy and happy life will most certainly be lived whether it’s investigated or not.

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Considerations like personal encounters, being with family, things that to be grateful for, memories, and achieving life success. All that produces us happy, and indeed, happy life is lived, whether or not it has been investigated. Nevertheless, with this argument, Socrates is supporting the notion that individuals who do not seem to be gazing at their lives must not be living. Socrates seems to ignore other considerations that account for our happiness and make our lives worthwhile. Unhappy with Socrates; We must all think now and then, but only to a degree, as overthrowing and reconsidering any aspect of our existence, are often catastrophic. As explained by Socrates in Plato’s Phaedo: ‘The only good money is that the thought. ‘Socrates, showing the primacy of virtue over everything else, has linked the interests of virtue and happiness. ‘It is best to suffer injustice than commit it,’ he still said Plato within the Gorgias.

Happiness as a society can only remain indefinitely forbidden to people who are incapable of adhering to the philosophical way of life, whose eyes are fixed on material objects, toys, and romantic desires, and yet who, through theory, control their conduct on real values. Personally, actions that end in ‘happiness,’ as stated by Socrates, including obeying the law. Murder is often a severe crime within the state, and to avoid being on the wrong side of the law, and I avoid this act. Virtue is real to whom the metaphysical conversion makes it available. Notable is that running the relation between philosophical thought and pursuit of happiness at the start of Epicurus Letter to Menoeceus: ‘Whoever says that the time for philosophy has not yet come, or that time is past, is like that who, speaking of happiness, says that the time has not come or is gone.

The nobility idea implies the superiority of the few over the ignoble others, which is why you will smell the unmistakable scent of elitism while scratching such a noble ideal. For precisely that reason, the concept of life being studied is noble. 

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