The Unexpected Benefits of Study Groups Over Studying Alone

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  • Oral Summary
  • Sharing of Previously Unknown Information
    Study Resources
    Maximizing Time of Study
    Fun Learning Experience.
  • Amount of Members:
  • Identity:
  • Time and Location
  • Do Not Include Your Friends
  • Creating Clear Objectives:
  • Ensure Participation

Last week when I wrote about study resources, I realized not so many people will still get the hang of it. Truth is we maybe technologically advanced but humans will always be humans and students will always be students. While some students can easily do magic tricks on Instagram, Snapchat, et al, most of them don't know the full use of Google. However, enough about last week.

As a student, you need a certain way of studying one that come test or exams it has got your back, many students do not know what works for them, they just pick the note l, read through or brush at it and it is done. Now if you remember most of our notes can be bulky, and so for you as a student who has over 8 courses to cover you might want to start thinking smart on maximizing your time in reading while also living the campus life. Group study: according to me this is the smartest and fastest way to gain valuable information, retain and use them. Why do I say so? Here are 5 reasons I believe so.

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Oral Summary

We know one of the things that go on during a group discussion especially on academics are the main points every students feels the lecturer will bring out. Now in a group, there are bound to be one or two people who have studied the pattern of a lecturer and can understand how he thinks, when such students begin to prepare for exams or test and whatever they say comes out, do not be surprised. In group study, having 1 or 2 of these members could make your reading a lot easier, since you have the oral information and explanation.

Sharing of Previously Unknown Information

Obviously, we all know that 2 good heads are better than 1, I'm a group study, we'll definitely have that student who goes the extra mile, either for am assignment or class work, these sets of students can easily dig up previously unknown but vital information which can add to points or marks, you would mostly succeed with this when a lecturer gives 3 points and keeps requesting for 5 or more.

Study Resources

Like I said earlier, we may be technologically advanced, but only a few know the secrets of the web. There are times I've been called to teach people 1 or two things and they would show me a PDF that aggressively disagree with what we have been thought in the class room, which would spark questions and eventual explanation from lecturer. A study group can give you exclusive access to useful study materials for various courses.

Maximizing Time of Study

Imagine putting efforts into only 1 course out of a minimum of 4 or 5, this is bound to cause failure, now a group study ensures that you either get the idea of the topic or you get the KEYPOINTS in those courses, so you can have time to still fill out your notes, do various assignments and ofcourse go out with friends.

Fun Learning Experience.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! That is if Jack knows what he is doing, in a gathering of 2-6 people (recommendation) you get to interact, play with points, throw examples, ideas and experiences into a topic, all these actually stick to memory faster and longer than line studying, when you just see the question, it interprets as those memories. These are my 5 reasons for believing group study is fast and smart, However, how a group study is organized also affects this reasons, for effective group studying you need to understand the following;

Amount of Members:

Looking back to my number 5 point above you'll see my recommendation there, I'm of the opinion that 2-6 people will make a very effective group study. When a group study is too large, various members will begin to jostle for importance, some may disrupt the balance of the group by creating a group within the group, so the smaller and tighter the circle the better the information that flows within it.


Your study group should be known!! Of what use is it when you come together and there are no results showing from it? You need to establish your group as a serious one so people don't just take you for a group of nuisances or a gang. Identity just doesn't end there, it concerns the various students within the group as well, each should have a defined role to play e.g a student who will take mathematics another that would take chemistry etc, this definition will put members on their toes in these areas of study and there won't be problems if one member begins to feel too important.

Time and Location

This point is quite interesting, and very well self explanatory. You know how the geeks in the movies always have a table to themselves at the cafeteria and no one ever goes there until perhaps the end of the movie? That's how a study group should be, a fixed time for meeting should be set and strictly followed, while a location should be gotten as well, it should be so defined that when people try to occupy those places others would inform them that your group owns that area, this will remove the inconvenience of searching for a place to study as time also flies.

Do Not Include Your Friends

Familiarity they say breeds contempt, to run an effective group study, make sure it is with people of like mind, including your friend as a means to them may actually cost you, rather organize a one on one session or give them ur jottings and notes. Friends will always challenge your decision and make light serious moments, a vibe that easily spreads in a group. Maintaining a group study maybe hard, especially when members aren't gaining as they thought they would, however you can challenge everyone to do better to maintain the group by;

Creating Clear Objectives:

You could say for instance that in this course nobody should get below B any member that breaches this rule will ofcourse be sanctioned or evicted, this will put your study group above a gang or a group of students. Make sure everyone understands why they are in the group and help each other out always.

Ensure Participation

I said earlier that each member should have a course they focus on, this might make others lax in their preparation for that course, in order not to frustrate the student handling the course, ensure each student browses through their notes, ask questions before the session and after it, just to ensure that they haven't come to while away time or listen to others. As I round up, I want you to remain focused as a group, don't let a good or bad result break up the group, I stead pull each other closer and restrategise on how you study, I hope this helps someone out there.

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