The Unforgettable Trip Taken on a Winter Break

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“Travelling– It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”– Ibn Battuta Travelling is the best experience anyone could pass by. At one winter break, I decided to travel to Luxor and Aswan. I was fourteen years old; I was extremely excited because it was the first time to go there. It was a Nile Cruise trip from Luxor to Aswan; it takes seven days. I did not expect to meet the people who are my best friends now!

The day I was waiting for finally came, I woke up at nine o’clock, I open the window, and it was a sunny day although it was winter season, the sky is blue, I hear the birds chirping, and my hair is blowing in the wind. I went to the airport and two hours later I was on the plane, and it took one hour to be in Luxor. The boat was perfect, I was satisfied with the place and my room view. It seemed that it would be a great trip. The first day, everyone had the opportunity to take a ride on a felucca around Elephantine Island and Lord Kitchener’s Botanical Gardens. Then we returned to the boat and had dinner, and then there was a beautiful show on the boat. There were friends on the boat near my age they looked arrogant and cocky. The next day, I woke up and took my breakfast then went to Philae Temple on the Island of Agilika with my group. We enjoyed the story behind this temple, and we were amazed by the historical architecture. We returned to take our lunch then went to the magnificent Temple of Kom Ombo. There are twin entrances; two linked hypostyle halls with statues of the two gods on either side. It is assumed that there were also two priesthoods. The left (western) side of the temple was dedicated to the god Haroeris and the right (eastern) half to Sobek. Then returned to the boat, while having dinner those friends talked to me, they were very friendly and kind not as they first looked.

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Two days later, we became closer and went everywhere with each other. This trip was better with them around; one of them called Sara; she is the closest to me, told me: “When we saw you, we knew that you are going to be our friend” I was depressed for judging them from the first sight. We went together to the Temple of Khnum at Esna and the extraordinary Temple of Horus. I had so much fun with them; they became my closest friends in no time. Besides, we had the same way of thinking; I never expected that they are going to be irreplaceable friends. Temple of Horus is preserved by desert sand; the temple is dedicated to Horus, the avenging son of Isis and Osiris. With its perfect roof, it is also one of the most atmospheric of ancient buildings. My new friends and I enjoyed every minute on this trip; everyone was delighted on this perfect trip. Also, we went to the markets and some historical sites without the group.

Days passed, and here we came to the last day, we were sad because this trip will end. We promised each other to be friends and communicate with each other daily. It was raw weather; I was shivering, rubbing hands together, and seeing breath in the air. We went to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Temple of Karnak. The Temple of Hatshepsut was built to tell Hatshepsut’s story, it has three well-designed levels. While the Temple of Karnak contains a group of temples like the temple of khon, the temple of Ptah and the temple of Osiris In addition to the pathway of ram-headed, Sphinxes leads to the first pylon. That ram head is a symbol to god Amun; they were built to protect the temple. After we visited those two temples, we decided to ride on a felucca. We ended this day perfectly and turned back to the boat. The next morning, everyone prepared his bag and was ready to leave this beautiful place. Few hours and we were in Cairo, back to our home. That trip ended, but our friendship remained, we hang out every week and became closer and closer.

That trip was a great adventure I want to repeat, but I learned something important on this trip, that does not judge anyone you do not know by their appearance. This group became part of my life; they are my new irreplaceable best friends, although I never expected that. No one has the opportunity to judge, because they don’t know this person and what he has been through. 

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