The Unique Significance of Kondapalli Toys

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An insight to traditional TN childhood Memories – Kondapalli Toys Revive your childhood with the beautiful art which was originated around 400 years ago and is popularly known as the Kondapalli toys. Kondapalli toys are the unique toys which are specially designed with a particular form of softwood only created in the regions of Andhra Pradesh by the artisans named as Aryakhastriyas. Kondapalli toys are world-well known for their unique significance and exceptional wood which adds a pinch of style to your house drawing room with their finely made art piece toys. These toys have their place in the world of handicrafts industry. The wooden piece is warmed to make it dampness free, and then distinctive parts of the picture are cut independently to give them a shape of a toy. And then the pieces are glued together with an adhesive like material made up of crushed tamarind seeds.

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Then the figures are colored by using the water or paint colors to give a beautiful finish to the toys. Painting is finished with delicate and thin paint brushes made of goat’s hair. The toys portray scenes from real life, creatures, provincial people, divinities and characters from the stories. The central themes on which these toys are created are the mythology, rural life, and the birds or animals. As per the Andhra traditions these toys were once specially gifted or assembled in the house during the occasion of Sankranti, and Navratri and the same is being known as Bommala Koluvu , the festival of displaying dolls.

Well, toys are the best approach which helps in learning or teaching the facts of life, and these Kondapalli toys are one of the best examples which allow the children’s to have a glimpse of our rich culture or tradition. The craftsman also uses the images of swans, peacocks or parrots as well. Further, the daily life activity themes are also used such as rural women’s drawing water from the well, wind charmers, the elephant with his mahout (mentor) on its back, potters, and so forth. These toys bring happiness and a glimpse of shading in our life with the vibrant color themes used to paint these toys. Hence it is the best source which helps our children’s or younger generation to know about the rural life, its culture and to witness the richness of our Indian mythology.

Thus, teach your children the value, tradition or culture of our prosperous nation through these beautiful toy pieces instead of Barbie dolls or the action hero figures. Your children will love playing with these traditional dolls or toys as due to their unique designs, colors or durability. Therefore claim your kondavalli toys from the most reliable, trusted a genuine online store named as Poompuhar. You will be provided with some different options to choose from as they have a vast collection and designs of kondavalli toys.

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