The Uniqueness of a Human

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The Uniqueness Of a Human

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  • Being authentically you
  • Living in the Moment
  • Having Human Dignity

When we think of the uniqueness of a human and what we think it means to be human there are so many words that can possibly describe it. However the most vital approach to be taken when deliberating what declares an individual to being human is accepting the fact that everyone’s definition of “human” is dissimilar. Yes, one must have the usual physical features, but what else is there? To be human is to be autonomous, be your authentic self, and live in the moment, to dream and create, to seize every opportunity and to have human dignity.

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Being authentically you

Numerous individuals long to be more authentic, but don't take the courageous steps to get there. I believe that embracing your uniqueness, cultivating the audacity to be flawed and vulnerable makes you your authentic self. One must be certain that we are profoundly worthy of whatever society has to offer, just as we are. We also need to accept the fact that we are who we are not what society has define us to be and that we need to be more open-minded and receptive. Living in a world with so many other individuals can sometimes push others to not be authentic because they are influenced by what other persons are doing or having things they don’t. This is a lack of contentment of being genuine which diminishes one’s ability to be original. To be human is to know that you were made in the image and likeness of God and to be certain that you are special and unique. “We live in a world of “reality” television and the endless bombardment of media impressions that seek to influence our thoughts and behaviors. They give the impression that we are nothing more than superficial, selfish, judgmental and greedy individuals competing for center stage on the top of the heap.” (Johnson, J. (2012, January 02).

The dominance of today’s humanity has really deteriorated our individuality and we are now immune to what is acceptable in society and we have eliminated our authentic-self. There is no more originality, we aren’t trying to know our true selves. Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out, just to meet society acceptance standard? You are immensely more than what you can portray your life as on social media platforms and you’re individual value is more than any memorandum of how you “should be”. “The problem is we are looking outside of ourselves to create a sense of self”. (Johnson, J. (2012, January 02). This is a lack of contentment of being genuine which diminishes one’s ability to be innovative.

Living in the Moment

Life is much unexpected and there is no telling what the future holds. We only have one life to live so why not live in the moment? Being human is living in the present and doing what we envision. To live in the moment is to know that I have control over only this moment of time, and that tomorrow isn’t promised, although I can plan for it. Living in the present moment also means that you find a way to enjoy today and to transfer your time and energy on the “here” and “now”. “Thinking about what’s in store in the future can take over how we express ourselves by causing us to act in a manner that doesn’t reflect our current mood and situation. In doing so, the people around us can be hurt by our selfishness. ” Sherwin, K. (2017, December 07). To live in the moment means that you must abolish the past. The past has passed and it cannot be altered. To live in the moment is to trust life’s journey and to know that you frequently cannot control the future. You have to accept the days as they come and make the best out of it. Living in the present moment means change the changeable, accept the unchangeable and to remove yourself from the unacceptable. Far too often we worry about things that are just not important. Life was not made to be strategic, so why attempt to make it that way? This is precisely the reason why I believe in living in the moment.

To be human is to be committed to one’s personal growth so you can create the life you want. To create we must be eager to change, so that we can make progress so we can live our best life. It takes courage to create the life you desire. As you discover what you eventually want for yourself, you will find yourself eliminating addicting habits and start to take the necessary steps to make a change in your life. Contentment alongside satisfaction is a life lived in a true manner. To live fully you need to take care of your mind, body and soul. Life experiences is different for every human and each individual is indeed unique in this aspect so therefore there is absolutely nothing wrong with having dreams. All of the phenomenal ideas, without performance, becomes decayed and hopeless. The key to turning a dream into reality is action. Having the dream is the foundation but building upon that foundation will bring forth the achievement. To exploit the dream one must be ready for the opportunity when it’s attainable.

As significant as opportunities can be to our discrete accomplishments, they don’t always come knocking, therefore we must have a realistic approach in knowing how to capitalize on them. Being human one must be determined with a reputation to persevere. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, in other words, you can't succeed unless you try.” Brown, P. B. (2014, January 12). Taking opportunities can be scary, some of them definitely are but it’s up to us to grasp and utilize the opportunity. To attain something in life, we need to take a chance and the beauty of taking chances, is that anything can happen. To be human is to know that we cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.

Having Human Dignity

To be a human with dignity one must have resilient standards that help society to prosper and improve. The world is indeed a better place when we can love and respect one another. Human dignity is the significance given among on the person’s well-being. Such as their intellect, admiration, identity, and work ethic. Human dignity is one being able to be bold and confident and to make a way. As human we must hold ourselves to a certain standard, carrying ourselves with dignity and with respect, in return will allow others to respect us. Dignity is something that is prominent and what each of us live by every day because it is concept steeped in respect. Without respect we don’t have nothing and dignity allows us to act against this. Human dignity is giving another the utmost respect for their beliefs, thoughts and ways of living. It’s imperative in value, because we all have massive significance that demands for honor and admiration, because we thrive better when we fell we are treated with respect and appreciation.

Autonomous, authentic, living in the moment, a dream, and dignity are important aspects making up the unique human being. To be human is to welcome the lessons that comes with the trials and tribulations. To be human is to move forward always and walk with superiority and self-assurance. To be human is to be proud of who you are. To be human is to constantly grow, grow during the seed time and grow during the harvest time. To be human is to be inspired, to be motivated to be supportive and to be focused. To be human is to elevate through obstacles and not take steps back and to know that when you rise against what was set to make you fall then you will be triumphant. Being human is constantly working on your inner-self to become a better person in the physical. To be human is to know that you are imperfect. To be human is to make the decision to protect our personal space by rejecting the things that don’t resound with our spirit. To be human is to trust our internal voice to lead us into the right space.

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