The Unluckiest New Generation: Issues that Old Generation Did not Have


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Have you ever thought what it was like to live in the past generation? Well I can tell you this – it was much better than the one we are in now. We experience cyber bullying, obesity, overprotective parents and world-wide environmental problems. These are all reasons why we are so unlucky to be living in this generation.

Cyber Bullying

Have you ever been a victim of cyberbullying? In our society we all have some sort of social media that we use practically everyday. Using all these sites does have its consequences though. Cyber bullying is a major problem in kids and teens these days. As technology becomes more common in our everyday lives so does the victims of cyberbullying. Cyber bullying most likely happens before and after school, but can also have an affect on your school life. 1 in 10 kids experience cyber bullying and the numbers are on the rise. We are incredibly unlucky because our parents never had to worry about being bullied by an anonymous person online. Even if they were bullied at school, it wouldn’t follow them home like it does now.

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Controlled by Our Devices

We are very unlucky because we are all addicted and controlled by our devices. And our parents never had to worry about being distracted by them. We are all obsessed with looking through our phones all day long. Have you noticed that as soon as you hear the 3.15 bell and you go outside practically everyone is taking their phones out or are already on them. This hints how some people can’t be without their phone for more than 5 hours. This also contributes to our rising numbers of deaths of children on the roads, it’s all because they have their heads down in a screen whilst crossing the roads.

Obesity in Kids

In 2018, 1 in 8 kids from 2-14 years old were obese in nz, thats around 12% of kids. The main reason we are becoming overweight and obese is that we are all able to buy cheap junk food because it is faster and more available to us. It is way easier for a parent to buy cheap takeaways rather than cooking a whole healthy meal right after work. Did you know that a few decades ago there was no KFC, McDonalds, or Subways which means people had no choice but to have a healthy home cooked meal. This is why they were so lucky to not have fast food all around them. Its is a big reason why we are becoming overweight and obese, it has now become the normal to have takeaways once or more times a week. Which is not OK. Another thing is that we have all become lazier and lazier, because we are on our devices all the time, and not enough of us are getting the right amount of exercise which also accounts for the overweightness of kids.

Overprotective Parents

Most of us have an overprotective parent, I know I do.The overprotective parent wants to protect their children from harm,bad experiences, failure and disappointments. Parents like this are fearful of everything when it comes to their children and expect bad things to happen. It could be when they go out alone or with friends or even at school. But actually when your parents are trying to protect you from the dangers of the outside world, they can be doing more harm than good. It doesn’t help us to think and make decisions for ourselves, face the outside world, and experience failure because thats whats makes us learn. You might of heard of the term helicopter parenting, this refers to a parent trying to be involved in everything you are doing, especially in school. Not in a supportive way, but a controlling way. When our parents were young they could go out and come home and their parents would not even think about their kid being harmed. But now if we ask to go out there are about a million questions being asked by your parents about where you’re going, whos coming, what your doing.

Environmental Problems

Growing up in this generation has another reason why we are so unlucky. Did you know that there are a range of world and environmental problems that have come up in the past years. Some being global warming, the different types of pollution and climate change. There is scientific evidence that our climate is changing, like rising sea levels, the melting of arctic sea ice and the extremely hot temperatures on earth’s surface. All of these changes have great danger towards human life and property. Land and ocean temperatures have risen significantly in the past few years too, this was caused by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere.. And 2016 was the warmest year ever recorded. Years ago the past generation never worried about the earth’s problems because they didn’t have to, but now we have to be cautious about what we use everyday to keep our planet clean. So these are the reasons why we are so unlucky.

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