The Unnecessary Violence: Defining What is War

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Powerful. Heartbreaking. Dangerous. Chaos. Damaging. Costly. Traumatizing. Death of the millions. Many words to describe the war. Many reasons to start the fight. Many people are involved. Many places are destructed. Many people are looking for the answers on what happened why things are happening in the first place. It is not something to laugh about. It is something that people must take seriously. The question "What is war?" often prompts profound reflections and introspection, inviting an exploration of its complexities and ramifications in an essay that delves into its multifaceted nature. How does it happen? Is it because of greed or misunderstanding? Why are innocent people are involved? Why break alliances? Who are the people who will benefit from the war? Is it disturbing? Many questions are in mind, many answers are hanging but not specifically answered. It is complex and complicated. There is no exception. It may take days, weeks, month or even a year to finished. Depends on who will surrender and take down their own pride first.

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What is the Purpose for a War?

To solve the world's problem, war has been used for many years. Impacted each person in the society-physically, emotionally and economically. Caused by the disagreement of people of those who have the power, fought by the men that some had no choice.  It is powerful enough to break alliances, kill millions of people, and create a boundary between countries. A wild like fire that no one can touch when not brave enough to face it, dangerous to take because of its overflowing happenings that is difficult to handle. The world was in chaos because of misunderstanding and dishonesty of each that causes to weaken not just the countries but also its people.  Damaging each other's places to show off that they can destruct all the places-treasures or not. Some countries do not even have a valid reason to go to a war with the opposing country but chose to join for the sake of heroic and bravery act. Any soldiers experience traumatic events that they cannot handle mentally and even physically. But what is the saddest of all are the people who are crying for peace, shouting for help, begging for innocence, grieving for their loss and praying for God.

How heartbreaking to witness such scenes that those people cannot do anything to fight for themselves. How heartless for those who started the war to see innocent people's heartbreaking facade but do nothing. They chose to continue the fight without minding those innocent ones. They chose to be named as hero and brave for doing the fight. The same goes for those who benefited from the war,those industries who sells high-powered equipments. Buying guns and bombs just to win the fight, may create employment through increased military. These are positive benefits but war is one of the most catastrophic events that can wipe out the face of the earth. It may provide money and job but it has also taken many lives. It also takes away the buildings, infrastructure, working population, certainty and normal activity. Many different feelings has produced during the conflict, such as, aggression, depression, pain, confusion and pride among others. The people are living in doubt to survive the fight without pain and misery because it has the ability to change person's own thinking. They are doubting the capability of the government to protect them from the attackers. They are traumatized with the event, thus, cannot take the grasp on what happened to them and their loved ones. They do not wished to be seen in this way and are afraid of what the society may think upon them.


There must be a winner or a loser. The war started to restore balance but it is not about winning the fight, it is about whom is left. You cannot take the sweet taste of success from the things you have started when in the middle, you already lost. A real person suffered in this manner, suffered in the way they do not wish to happen. They are not mentally prepared for such traumatic events. War is not a form of heroic or bravery act when a lot of things and people involved are gone. It is not something boast about because all it does is to hurt the nation.

The horror of the event is not only present on the war but also in the lives of the survivor's guilt. It leaves a trail of havoc and despair for those countries and people involved. It is not a solution for the problem because of its destructive process.

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