The Urgent Environmental Issues of Today

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Table of Contents

  • Air Pollution
  • Climate Change
  • Overpopulation
  • No More Potable Water
  • Endangered Species

Air Pollution

Air pollution is caused by the waste we produce, and the energy we use (carbon, fuel) and is bad for a number of reasons. It's toxic and poisonous, and causes many infections, diseases and sickness such us lung cancer. It damages humans’ health, the animals and the ecosystems along with it. It is also a main actor in climate change, more specifically global warming because of the carbon and methane released into the air. I believe actions must be taken to prevent more harm, and that technology could very well help in some way: electric cars. People could use public transportation or low emitting vehicles, they can reduce their plastic consumption because burning the plastic later on is extremely unsafe.

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Climate Change

Pollution plays a big role in climate change. It destroys/ damages our ozone shield allowing the sun's rays to penetrate and heat our planet (+0.9^c in 2017). Global warming is extremely dangerous as it will cause sea level to rise therefore coastal countries are in danger of disappearance, animals from those islands risk extinction. Other countries are affected too - Ras Al Khaimah, an emirate in the UAE has an average temperature of about 45^c, but snowed in 2017.


Our world is constantly growing and is becoming increasingly hard to control. It will become harder to control air pollution (more people means more waste), control of waste, control of global warming... It is a domino effect if you will as one thing will always to lead to another. Not only will it affect the environment, but an increase of population is also a danger to themselves: more tensions that will lead to wars, more sicknesses (HIV, AIDS). But an increase in population could also lead to a massive progression in science, medicine, and technology. I believe that these progressions could be achieved without putting our environment at risk.

No More Potable Water

People need water to potable water to survive; fortunately, we live on a planet made up of about 75% of water (71% to be exact). Potable water should be free from disease and organisms, and this is obtainable with 3 main steps: sedimentation when they leave the water so that heavy particles may set down, filtration when the water is filtered to remove smaller particles, and finally, disinfection when they sterilize the water with chlorine and ozone (both of which are pretty common on our blue planet) to kill off bacteria. I believe that with technological advances, everyone will be able to drink properly and with no harm. We have all we need to drown the population with water, the resources needed, and some countries are financially stable enough to have a few (from 500,000 to 1.5 million dollars). What are we waiting for?

Endangered Species

Countless species are becoming endangered, even extinct because of our careless ways, whether intentional or not. I believe we should do our best to conserve the wild life by creating animal sanctuaries or reserves. Greenpeace - a non-governmental organization - for example, brought millions of people together in a fight against whaling, sea-pollution and over-fishing in an attempt to remove the whales from the "red-list".

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