The Urgent Problem of Obesity in Saudi Arabia

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Obesity is the condition in which so much body fat is accumulated which might lead to number of serious health problems such as heart disease, type two diabetes, and stroke. This problem has become dramatically increasing throughout Saudi Arabia. Statistically, 67. 5% of Saudi female are affected by obesity, on the other hand, 38. 2% of male are obese. The prevalence of obesity is due to the lack of awareness and knowledge about the recommended steps of losing weight and being away from obesity. The process, therefore, involves the most three effective steps that encourage and alert people to lose weight: the first step is controlling calories, then eating proteins in moderation, and the final step is exercising. Calories measure the energy contents of food and beverages.

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The obese person needs to follow the first step which is controlling calories. For example, eating fewer calories than the body actually needs stimulate the process of burning more calories which then leads to lose weight.

However, people might surprisingly wonder about the accurate ways of calculating calories; therefore, there are two ways that can be used as tools for following up what the individual actually eats. The first one is using My Fitness Pal, which is an App used for calculating the advisable consumption of calories per day and tracking the weight. Using the camera’s phone for scanning the barcode of the products, and promptly all the contents will be shown in details including the amount of nutrients of the products. Moreover, using the App to write the name of the restaurant and then selecting form the provided menu could be another way than scanning the barcode just in case of not having label contents in the products. Additionally, reading labels directly without scanning is the old-fashioned way for calculating calories; however, due to the complexity in reading those written lines, many people tend to ignore looking to those labels. Indeed, people believe controlling calories by calculating calories is the only useful step has to be followed; however, it is not because there are other strategies associated to this step. The second step is eating food with higher amount of proteins reduce the appetite of hunger, boost the metabolism to burn more calories, and then contribute in reducing weight.

More surprisingly, while losing fat, proteins tend to maintain keeping lean muscles as it is or even better. Food such as meats, fish, eggs, and dairies are the main sources of proteins. Egg white, for example, contains 4 g of proteins within 16 calories, which is a reasonable amount of proteins and calories compared to the whole egg. Including egg white in the breakfast will diminish overeating in the whole day, which this obviously help the body to lose fat. Moreover, taking protein supplements could be a good idea if the overweight person is struggling to reach and sustain his intakes of proteins from the natural sources. In addition, these protein supplements play a vital role in lowering the probability of regaining the lost weight. In fact, incorporating working out with these previous steps increase the possibility of overcoming obesity. Exercising reduces the rate of the susceptibility of becoming obese, and it helps attaining physical health. Therefore, the last step is doing exercises such as Cardio, which is the one of the most effective exercises, should be included in the individual’s goals. For instance, running for 30 minutes with moderate pace approximately burns 300 calories. Also swimming is an example for cardio which includes the working out of the whole body. Swimming has rapid results in losing weight because the body fights the gravity and use muscles to keep the body afloat, which all these require energy. In fact, all the steps work cooperatively together as a one team in order to overcome obesity.

In conclusion, the prevalence of obesity in Saudi Arabia tempt Saudi people to seek for practical methods for losing the accumulation of body fat. Using either My Fitness Pal or old-fashioned reading labels are considered helpful for counting calories. Also eating more than the body needs of proteins stimulate to use energy by burning fat and at same time guarantee maintaining the mass muscles as it is or much better. Incorporating exercises such as running and swimming with these earlier steps, elevate the probabilities of having noticeable changes.

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