The Use of Electronic Cigarettes

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Until a few years ago, it was shocking to see a person smoking an electronic cigarette. People were used to the normal cigarette and tobacco. But with the passage of time, behaviours have changed and the number of smokers who opt for e-cigarette has increased drastically. Vaping which is the use of electronic cigarettes is today one of the preferred options and this has contributed two outstanding things: scientific studies that now support the effectiveness of these devices and technological improvements that have seen newer and better devices.

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Vapes are conventional cigarette-shaped devices that release nicotine through heating a liquid mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The mixture is heated up to 350 degrees by a battery that is charged with a USB port. It is sucked through a mouthpiece. The electronic cigarette was first created by Herbert Gilbert in 1963 but was not accepted until Chinese doctor; Hon Lik created his own version in 2003 as a motivation from the loss his father who died as a result of lung cancer. The level of acceptance has been massive since then. Just recently, the Public Health England (PHE) endorsed vaping by releasing a report that suggested that vaping is 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. The body went ahead to recommend the device as a withdrawal strategy for people with tobacco addiction.

Technological improvements The e cigars incorporate mechanisms that allow to gradually reduce the levels of nicotine, to the point of completely eliminating the substance without suffering withdrawal symptoms. The improvements in the devices cover different aspects: Better flavours The new electronic cigarettes have improved significantly in terms of taste. It has also expanded the range of e-liquid so that each user can find the flavour they fancy in any situation. People can now select their preferred flavour on the go without having to stick with what was provided by the company. There are new menthol flavours taking the market by storm. Small Vape MOD devices The new e cigars incorporate high capacity rechargeable batteries and allow users to adjust power and voltage. This allows the maximum performance of the product without increasing the size so that it is possible to leave the house without carrying the charger. In the case that you really need to recharge the device, it would only be necessary to use a USB cable.

Advanced clarifiers The tank is the part of the cigarette where the liquid is heated and converted into steam. The new clarifiers incorporate LCD screens with configurable menus. In this way, the user can make adjustments according to their preferences and choices. Changes in volume and weight Electronic cigarettes are becoming more comfortable to use. Although the new designs tend to have reduced sizes and weight, the variety of models is still big and with more technological advancements, it will keep getting sleek. Stronger Batteries Battery has always been one of the most important parts of vaporizers. They are essentially powered by batteries and so, any technological improvement must in a way affect battery capacity or size. Bigger and better batteries are created daily with one goal in mind, to reduce charging time. Vaping is still growing rapidly and with new tobacco giants jumping into the trend, you can expect lots of new improvements to come in years to come.

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