The Use of Fidget Spinners to Calm Down

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It started with the best of intentions: as device to help people who struggle with disorders like ADHD. Using one is meant to be both relaxing and satisfying but psychologists don’t agree on whether they have a positive effect or not. The real drive of their popularity is said to be YouTubers, and online stars that post different kinds of fidget spinner videos and express huge interest in showing them off to their fans. The toy that was once something teachers loved is now becoming something they hate. Using qualitative research methods, such as interviews, anthropologists study large groups of people over long periods of time. For a case like this, a question such as: Were there things used to calm down people from the past as there is now? In this case, you would get people from different ages, and find the differences in what were used to help calm people down.

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In the olden times you may find that music was often used to help people especially young people calm down. Musical therapy is still used now but mostly by adults because nowadays teenagers and young kids are using more technological solutions. An interviewer could get someone from a few generations back, and a teenager in this generation, and interview them on what they do when they have absolutely nothing to do, and ask about what they could do. This is an example of a question an anthropologist would ask because it talks about the past which, and anthropologists study people over long periods of time.

Another question that an anthropologist could ask would be; Do certain cultures push people to use toys to control their urges? People from certain cultures may use toys in order to control nervous tendencies. An example of this could be something people do in my culture. My mother told me that when she was younger children in her class with medical problems would have special bracelets that were blessed by our gods, that kids would use to fidget with. These bracelets were also used to protect the keepers of them from all types of harm. An interviewer could investigate this case by getting older people from different cultures and ask them about these kinds of toys, and if they see something similar. This is an example of a question that an anthropologist would ask because Anthropologist study older cultures, which have a large amount of people, over a long period of time.

Another question an Anthropologist would ask is; Is it natural for people to fidget when they are nervous or bored? We see people everywhere using fidget spinners, but we don’t exactly know their own personal reasons for deciding to do so. Fidget spinners could be used for many reasons including nervousness and the need to fidget with something. Fidgeting is known as a sign of nervousness and stress. People often do it whenever they are nervous, and it seems normal to us, but is it natural? An anthropologist would study this question using an interview, by getting people of as many different ages and differences as possible and ask them all what kinds of nervous habits they have. This is an example of a question that an anthropologist would ask because it is asking about if it is natural for all humans to fidget when they are nervous, which is talking about all humans over time.

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