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The Use of Gandhi Quotations by Orwell in His Works

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In the passage Orwell uses his tone,use Gandi’s words against him, and pathos for the argument for choosing human imperfection over sainthood. Throughout the passage Orwell is talking about how humans choose imperfection over sainthood because it is the way humans are we were not made perfect. How humans are fine with however they live because they don’t try to be perfect just themselves really. We love others more and are willing to sin and do crazy things for the ones we love. Therefore , sainthood is impossible otherwise it would be very hard to live life in our society and live a normal life. That religion and how we live plays a role in us choosing human imperfection over sainthood. The strategies Orwell uses help the reader understand his argument and gives us a better understanding.

Orwell’s tone is important because it makes it clear to the reader about how he feels about the argument for choosing human imperfection over sainthood. Orwell tone is matter-of-fact he knows what he talking about and how he is going to convince you to agree with him on the argument. He is very good with his words use them to make it clear to the reader that humans always choose imperfection because love is a driving force behind us and we are willing to sin for the ones we love. He is matter-of-fact when he talks about how Gandi is saying he would rather let his wife or child die rather than feed them the dog food that they need to survive. That Gandhi was willing to choose sainthood over humans imperfection to not commit a sin. Overall, Orwell’s tone helps the reader understand his point of view on the argument.

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Orwell also uses Gandhi’s words against him and creates a refutation towards Gandi.

How he quotes Gandi turning his words into emotions such as “The essence of being human does not seek perfection, that one is willing to commit sin…which is the inevitable price of fastening one’s love upon other human individuals”. Orwell uses love, he makes it seem unreal and sinful against sainthood thus humans are choosing human imperfection. Orwell is very smart in how he uses his words to get the reader to see that human imperfection than sainthood. He gets the reader to see that love is unreasonable and makes humans commit sin when their loved ones are in trouble.

Lastly, Orwell use pathos which is appealing to the readers emotion. When Orwell does that when he talks about how Gandi is willing to let his wife or child die instead of feeding them animal food. “ Gandi behaved in an inconsiderate way to his wife and children, but at any rate it makes it clear that on three occasion he is willing to let his wife or child die rather than administer the animal food prescribed by the doctor”. How Gandi is acting inhuman, when he was not willing to give his wife or the child the animal food to survive. That the reader would think is is not okay that he is willing to let his wife die before he would feed her animal food.


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