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The Use Of Medications to Enhance Learners Performance

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The essay is about the use of medication to address behavioral conditions, though it can be beneficial to some individuals, but it has unknown effects. The medications are used to correct behavioral issues have assisted in solving behavioral disorders which were previously mistaken for some other things like bad personality or bad character. Some children are also taking anti-depressants because teachers recommended them to parents. Teachers should review the way things are done at schools instead of using medication to bring order in the classroom. The author mentions that high spirited children and highly energetic are also put on anti-depressant medication.

Adults should learn to deal with life issues without using medication to solve problems because the medication does not solve the real problem. Children should also be taught self-control more than using medication to help control them. Sometimes medication is given to address conditions that should not be addressed with medication; it is important to know when to use or not to use medication. Anti-depressants should be taken when needed. It is important to know when to stop using the medication and allow the person to work with the challenges by him/herself.

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Learners with attention deficit disorders pay attention to someone or something else when they should be paying attention to the teachers. They are always out of seat, sharpening their pencil or wanting to eat or eat or going to the bathroom. They cannot sit still for a very long time and always disturbing others. They are undisciplined. They only pay attention when they are interested in a topic. They call others in class while the teacher is busy teaching. They cannot stop to think before they act they just act.Emotionally, these children cannot delay gratification or expressing how they feel. They seem to not realize immediately whether what they are doing is wrong or right until they are told. They display wide range of moods which are often on the extremes; they act so sad, too angry or too excited. They are too fidgeting and have poor hand writing. They do not work to their potential. They lack awareness and respect about personal space and what is appropriate and what is not regarding touching others. They cannot read facial expressions and know their meaning. They are immature developmentally, educationally or socially.

Ritalin is not really a harmful drug but the way it is easily recommended by teachers at schools without a proper diagnosis by the Doctor is really a concern. Others think that medication is just recommended by teachers who feel like the class is not controllable and identify pupils who are the cause of what is considered not conducive for the classroom to be put on drugs to maintain order and what is considered normality in the classroom. Instead of using medication to address classroom order issues they should review activities, discipline and ways of teaching in the classroom.

Defenders of Ritalin point out that in making it possible for such a child to focus and sustain attention, to complete tasks and take satisfaction form them, the stimulant breaks a cycle disruptive behavior, punishment, anger and acting out. The biochemical model has brought relief for many suffering individuals and families; the challenges that were previously misunderstood such as behavioral disorder can now be addressed using medication. Children with attention deficient disorder can now be treated with Ritalin. “These drugs are in vogue because they have shown themselves spectacularly effective, though their exact working is not well understood and their long term effects are not known.”Logical consequences: “Do our schools give children enough physical exercise, enough structure and discipline or enough real challenge”. “Ritalin is not a benign drug, and many are alarmed at the frequency and casualness with which it is prescribed (often at school’s prompting) for a disorder that has no conclusive medical diagnosis”.

Personal experience: “I am myself no stranger to depression, but in avoiding the chemical solution, I begun to sense I am against a tide.” Fact: “You can carry your morality in a bottle.” Overmedicating risk: “The medication debate should not be a matter of whether to take medication or not but of where to stop.”

A highly-functional drug addict in most cases can be able to perform well in a work place, manage finances well and even raise a family very well. These addicts can also be able to hide their addiction from family members. Example: outside life with good friendships, home and family. Recreational drug use is a social or casual use of drug. Recreational drug users use drugs for the benefits that specific drug seems to offer while considering the risks to be manageable or minimal. Another reason for taking recreational drugs is to enhance performance and social networking. Example: taking drugs for socializing or peer pressure.

Ritalin helps supply the right level of dopamine in the brain. Ritalin is a powerful stimulant that increases alertness and productivity. It can help people to concentrate and focus on tasks better. It changes the amount of certain natural substances in the brain. It can be used to treat depression, in a combination of anti-depressant medications and it is most helpful when the desired effect is a quick response. It is used in relieving fatigue in some people due to stimulation of the nervous system.

It can put people who are not suing medication to enhance their performance feel like outcast. People who do not take drugs for social networking might not be able to build friendship with those who take drugs for social reasons. That might deny people opportunity to come together and exchange ideas such as business strategies due to different social interests. Instead of people tolerating each other despite their social preferences they will judge and see the different group as boring company. People might fall for that peer pressure and start using drugs for the sake of social acceptance.


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