The Use of Natural Fibers in Everyday Life


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Enables every one of us to join and takes the assistance of nature to floor brush the unsafe substance that is affecting our Condition and Oceanic life. Indeed, I am discussing Plastic !. Nature has bestowed us with one of the best organic product that is Coconut. It not only keeps us hydrated but our same framework solid.

The natural fiber is biodegradable, eco-friendly, and with no chemical to pollute our earth. They are carbon neutral means they absorb the same amount of carbon that they produce. The natural fibers can be of Coconut trees also called Coir, Palmyrah fiber which are vegetable fibres & Tampico fiber , is a species of Cactus.

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Coir is light, thickest and most strongest fibre which is short & coarse with low disintegration rate .The coir when separated from external husk of coconut can be utilized as a brush rather like a bristles. It is generally used for coarse, moist and dry floors in halls & storage rooms.

The Coir Fibre, which is normally hostile to contagious and against bacterial. The characteristic coir fibrer doesn’t stain or lose its shape, even after consistent utilization. It is sufficiently hardened to scour, yet sufficiently adaptable not to flick water at you. It is likewise unaffected by dampness and sogginess and is intense and enduring. They can be used with any detergent or disinfectant. Whereas Plastic brush is exactly opposite ,the absorbent nature of plastic fiber absorbs odours, germs , becomes yellow creating overall an unhygienic environment.

Palmyrah Fibre also called Bassine is another natural fiber that is also used as stiffer places like streets, huge corridors & brushes for cleaning purposes. It is ideal for dust & moist places. It is resistant to alkali & acids. It is highly resistant to water & attack by insects and termites.It has phenomenal clearing and cleaning properties. The fiber is durable and adequately battered for use as a proficient brush fiber material.

Tampico Fibre is a delicate to medium-delicate swarm with characteristics like it is extremely safe material, yet with a fine, sensitive and smooth surface. It has grating characteristics which makes it perfect for cleaning applications. It keeps its qualities and smoothness over time, while plastic becomes brittle and the quality deteriorates. It is used as Industrial brushes for polishing of metals, iron, steel, aluminum, wood etc where plastic brush cannot be used for such purposes. Tampico fiber is used for making bath brushes, finger brushes, massage brushes etc. Shoe polishing brushes or brushes for shoe polishing machines or floor polishing machines.

Plastic brushes , although are also being used in market but the time for its recycling is quite time consuming, expensive & is very complex. Therefore , the above features of Natural fibre cleaning brushes is irreplaceable by plastic brushes.

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