The Use of Strategic Information System for the Assignment and Management of the Business Organizations

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Strategic information systems are the developed system that is based on the information within the organizational structure. The strategic information system is developed on the basis of the initiatives of the corporate businesses. Therefore the organizations are taking the strategic information system in order to take competitive advantages within the organizational structure. In that context, it can be noted that the strategic information system can help the business organizations in case of delivering products or services with the lower cost by focusing on the market segment of the particular business organization.

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The present project is discussion the strategic information system for the assignment and management of the business organizations.

Identifications of Risk factor

Lack of information flow from a candidate

It has been seen from the presented scenario that Carole has been hired for the position of housing manager. It has been stated in the case that Carole has also stated that she is experienced in the bookkeeping and that she can perform that job as well. It should be noted in this particular regard that Carole did indeed take a bookkeeping course several years back. Although a person who has taken a course in any specific field cannot be treated equally to a complete newcomer to that particular field it should still be highlighted that Carole in the presented case the experience of Carole in the field of bookkeeping has not been specified, in fact, the position for which she has been hired, she has little or limited experience in that as well. At the same time, Carole has been out of practice from bookkeeping further complicating the situation. The organization which has been presented in the case is a small non-profit organization. Carole does not really have bookkeeping experience with regards to the field of that organization or that nature of work as well. But still, Carole declares that she is ready for the bookkeeping job in the organization. In the case, it can be seen that she gets hired as well as the position was lying vacant.

Personal favouritism

In order to fill up the vacant places, Carole had hired her own son for carpeting and painting purposes, it can be denoted as the risk factor for the organizations. This is considered as the risk factor because here in this case study it is not provided that the son is having any sort of skill related to these particular working purposes. But instead of this Carole has hired him for working under those working procedures. In case an organizations is hiring an unskilled employees for a particular working purposes, than it could be identified that a sort risk and safety assessments are being associated with the particular occupancies, because it is not being identified that the particular hired person is suitable for the purpose of working in the occupied place. Later the job satisfaction and relevant issues come against the particular process of the technical aspects. Moreover, the relevant usage of the types of equipment and tools of the organization is also being considered under the act of default persons, who are not known could be able to work without or not. Considerations upon the sage are also not being provided, as it can be identified that the person is suitable for the particular working process.

Hiring contractual employee

The organizations are hired Carol for the purposes of the bookkeeping. In that case, Carole requested the board of directors to consider her as a hiring employee rather than a permanent employee. From the provided scenario it has been seen that Carol already has her part-time job of the dry cleaner and for this, she cannot be able to be a permanent employee within an organization. In this regard, she was taken as a hired employee in the organization that also can bring risk factors within the organization. Furthermore, it can be noted that in case of hiring Carole as a part-time employee the organization brings a risk factor within the organizational structure because as being the hired employee Carole has not any responsibility towards the duty of the organization. Thus she also cannot be able to show her devotion towards the objectives of the organization because she has her part-time job in the evening shift and for this, she always tries to finish her job as early as possible within the organization. However, it can be noted that within the organizational structure in case of the strategic management system there is the need for devotion and dedication that Carole could not be able to show within the organizational structure.

The hiring of employee limited in experience

In the presented case it can be seen that the Carole has been hired for the position of new housing manager to serve the NGO which serves the young population by providing them shelter along with some other services which include counseling and other services to assist the youth. The NGO has been running for quite some time without the bookkeeper or an accountant as the accountant and left the job and shifted to some other location. It should be noted in this particular regard that the NGO specializes in providing housing services to the youth who are helpless and homeless. At the same time, the NGO should also ensure that the house manager which they hire should be experienced in this regard and would be willing to work hard and do the needful. While it has already been established that Carole has experience in this particular field and domain it has also been mentioned that her experience is still limited in this particular field. A lesser experienced employee particularly one operating at a managerial level position which also involves decision making are more prone to errors and wrong practices of management due to the lack of exposure. Thus her hiring decision can be regarded as a risk point for the NGO.

Lack of understanding of the current financial conditions of the organizations

The organization is not being able to place a hired person under the occurrence of the house managing, sue opt this particular reason while Carole has being placed in that particular place, she is having an effect of providing the financial report regarding the development of the organizational financial contributions. Due to this particular reason as not being able to provide the report for the monthly expenditures and incomes, the generated risk factor can be achieved, as assumed. This this is also being announced that the organizations have also contributed a vacant placed under the assistance of the bookkeeping. But while Carole introduced herself against the particular place, the lack of time is being identified, Due to which she is also not being able to develop any financial report of the last six months expenditures for the organizations. Due to this particular lack of dissolved contributions of the financial report brings out the lack of consisting data against the building up of financial report contributions upon the particular attributions for the documentation of the report. This risk factor can be future increases to return back a bigger impact while the cognitions are not contributions more than one year's data of financial expenditures upon the housing manager’s guidance.

Hiring permanent employees

In case of the strategic management system within the organizational structure, the organizations should hire permanent employees as the permanent employees should be responsible for all the activities that are done within the organizational structure. Therefore the permanent employees can be able to show their devotion and efficiency towards the organizational goals. In that context, it can be noted that with the devotion and efficiency of the permanent employees the organizations can be able to increase the productivity as well as can be able to acquire success within the organizational structure. Furthermore, it can be noted that the organization can be able to discuss the destined organizational goals with their permanent employees that can help them in case of acquiring success. Not only that the permanent employees can help the organization to develop their organizational activities with the increasing workforce of the employees. In this regards the organizations also can be able to hire trained as well as an efficient employee within their organizational structure that can help them in the case of the strategic management of the organizational activities.

The hiring of experienced employee or employees

In the case presented above, it has been seen that Carlos has been hired for the position of the new housing manager even though she has limited experience in this regard. At the same time, Carole has also suggested that she can perform bookkeeping even though she had undertaken a course of bookkeeping several years back. It can be seen from the case study that Carol does indeed get hired for performing the said job. With that being said the organization should place more emphasis on having obtained a more experienced candidate for the job. The reason for hiring an experienced candidate for the job is to make sure that the candidate is productive and working right from the first day of joining without any form of confusion or problems. Even though Carole gets hired the best course of action would have been to hire a bit more experienced candidate for the job as the job is of managerial nature and this makes it easy for someone to commit a mistake particular if they're new to the field or have been out of the practice for quite some time. Hiring an experienced candidate would ensure that all the managerial problems are getting solved on time and the tenants of the houses are also happy. Thus an organization of any size or capacity or nature should make sure they hire a candidate who has been in that particular field for quite some time. This entire process can be termed as one of the control points in the hiring of the employee or more than one employees.

Management or prevention of partiality or favoritism

In the case study presented it has been seen that Carole has been hired for the position of the new housing manager, at the same time Carole has also mentioned that can also perform bookkeeping for the organization as and when required. After being hired for the position of a house manager it is the responsibility of Carole to make sure that the houses are clean and up to the mark so that they can be inhabited or leased when required. For this reason, Carole has decided to opt for the new form of carpeting and painting which can make the entire house look appealing and quite pleasing to the tenant's eyes. While her sense of styling and customization are good and commendable at the same time she has taken the risk of hiring her son to do the said job for the organization. In the case it has not been highlighted the skill level of her son for the required job and thus judging the artsmanship of her son is fairly difficult, but what can be said with certainty is that Carole had displayed the certain sense of partiality and favoritism on her part by hiring her son to do the job. At the same time, she did not inform the board of directors including its members in regards to her son performing the said job. The controlling point in this regard would be to eliminate the entire feeling of partiality and favoritism from one's' mind. If someone is unsuccessful in doing that then the decision of hiring the workers from the said job should rest on the opinions of the board of directors and its members.

Risk management to lack of information of the candidate

It can be seen from the case and the scenario that the candidate which is in this case Carole who has been hired to perform as the new housing manager is also open to work as bookkeeper in the same organization even though she had gone through the course of bookkeeping several years back, which means she might not be able to understand the accountancy system of the organization. At the same time, she has not revealed all the information as well. To do away with this risk there are a few steps which can be practiced for containing it. One of the ways through which the NGO can ascertain the depth of knowledge of the candidate is by conducting an assessment of the candidate regarding the position for which they have applied and this, in turn, will help the organization in ascertaining the knowledge level or the expertise level of the candidate. In this particular scenario or case, Carole has suggested herself also for the position of a bookkeeper thus an assessment can be carried on in this regard to make sure that she is familiar with the various concepts of bookkeeping and accountancy and can perform the general accounting operations with much flawlessness. Thus an assessment can help the organization in ascertaining the true capabilities of the desired candidate and also their clearance level in regards to the workings of the organization. Another step would be to conduct a background check of the individual so that their past performance and work behavior ascertained to fathom their level of expertise and professionalism towards their work.

Clear understandings of the financial condition of the organization

The clear understanding of the financial structure of the organizational structure is one of the essential factors in the case of the strategic management process of the organizational activities. Therefore without the help of the clear understandings of the current financial conditions of the organization the accountant or the financial adviser cannot be able to make an effective planning for the strategic management of the management of the organizational activities. In this regards at the time of the hiring process of the employees as well as in case of the hiring process of the financial adviser the organization should take those candidates who have the clear understandings regarding the financial condition of the organization. In that case, the candidate should have the current as well as past financial condition of the organization. Furthermore, it can be noted that with the help of the current as well as past review of the financial condition of the organization the financial advisers can be able to create the financial planning for the management process of the organizational activities with the strategic way.


To conclude it can be noted that the strategic management system is one of the essential parts in order to manage the organizational activities. In this respect with the management system of the organizational structure with the efficient way, it can be noted that without tear help of the strategic management process the organizations cannot be able to make effective management system of the organization. Furthermore, it can be noted that within the upper head case study there are different risk factors that are included within the organizational structure and those risk factors can affect the organizational activities bad also can affect the success of the organization.

However, there is also the recommendation for reducing the risk factors from the organizational structure on the basis of the strategic management system.

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