The Use of Video Marketing in Real Estate

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The real estate business is a catch 22 situation. Things may take a nose dive or a turn for the best. It all depends on your marketing strategies. Previously, to make a sale, real estate agents were requisite. However, with the onset of technology and e-commerce, buyers are taking it upon themselves to carry out their online research on a property before involving the agents.

There are myriad ways to market your real estate business such as being active on social media, optimizing your website, adding social sharing to property pages, hosting free seminars for home buyers, creating a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate, among others. However, this article will focus on real estate video marketing and animated explainer videos as a marketing strategy.

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Lately, video as a marketing strategy has been reaching a wider audience compared to most online media channels. This can be attributed to smartphones which have made playing the videos on the palm of our hands as well as sharing them quite easy.

Video marketing in real estate

Video marketing in real estate is one of the best methods to appeal to subjective and emotional factors that entail every business transaction. And just like any other marketing method, poor video marketing strategies have the ability to instantly put off a prospective buyer or seller, as fast as a good video draws them in.

A good video creatively promotes a property, using content that captures the attention of buyers and sellers alike, while at the same time encourages its viewers to share it with other people. A good video acts as a visual motivator. It shows prospective buyers the features of a home, giving them an actual feel of moving through the home physically.

Real estate video marketing also entails creating a video tour of the neighborhood. This is meant to give potential buyers an actual feel and idea of the surroundings.

What will make the real estate video go viral?

  • Humorous and creative
  • The fastest way to make a video go viral is to make it humorous. However, in as much as you intend to make it funny, ensure that it resonates with the targeted audience.

  • Concise
  • A video created for marketing purposes ought to be short. This makes them easy to take in as well as watch several times. A short video also ensures that the viewer views it to the end. Some people are naturally put off by long videos and texts.

  • Memorable
  • A good real estate video ought to be memorable to its viewers. They also make people pay attention as well as stay on your website.

Animated explainer videos

A high quality animated video for your real estate business will definitely go a long way in enabling you to establish your brand. In addition, it helps provide a touch of personality. Animated explainer videos should be short, funny, entertaining, captivating and cute. It needs not be sophisticated to capture the attention of your target audience.

To give the video a personal touch, consider including the surrounding landmarks and sites in the video. This not only makes it unique but also targeted. It gives the prospective clients an idea of how their neighborhood looks like.

What makes animated explainer videos an effective way to increase real estate sales, is the fact that people love sharing interesting videos on social media. Therefore, although the audience may not be your target, they may end up sharing the video with a prospective buyer.

Explainer videos make it easier to target clients, and are also quick and easy to illustrate.

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