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The Value Of Different Sources Of Support Material

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Scenario 1 Tim: Unable to run CD in office computer. In this scenario, the user(Tim) approached me with his issue which was that his computer could not read a disk that he could read at home. Tim as an accountant has little knowledge about computers, all he knows is how to make spreadsheets. This problem is very common in a work place like Tims’ where they could have stoped or blocked the CD reader from reading user disks to protect the system, this could be one of the main reasons why the CD didn’t read in the work computer, the other could be that the computer has driver issues so the disk reader is not recognised by the computer. Different sources will have different strengths whether it’s from an expert or from normal users who fixed the issues them selves. TiM could get support from the technical support, which will solve the problem fast and easily or he could read FAQs. Product specification and manuals when one buys a new device, they are most likely not to know how to use it, or they may face many issues. The user can choose to look up the specifications or the user manual.

The device specifications tell the user more about their new device, like the components of the device. The user manual is the self support document that is made for users to refer to when they have questions and the user manual can give assistance to the user. The user can also directly contact the manufactures of the product to get assistance that is not in the user manual. The user also has access to the internet which is open source information that could help them locate answers to their problems. Colleagues with specialist expertise in a work place there are different sections, there is a section of employees with little knowledge that are helped by the IT section in the work place, these are known as technical support. These technician use different ways to solve problems, using fault records to see if they are facing identical issues. If the network has issues the technician can go around asking users if they have the same issue this is called cross-reference checking, its when you ask multiple users on the same network for their faults. If one computer is facing an issue then that means that its the problem with the pc, if its 5 users have the same problems then its the network problem, the technicians have to find a way to narrow down the problems to its source on the network. Manufacturers’ knowledge base/ resources sites- this is the same as specifications and manuals, the user can find this information from the factory very reliable and most likely to be precise. Resource sites are not as reliable as the say they are, they could have the wrong information which doesn’t help the user at all and may leave the user with unsolved problems. Its vey common to see sites with the same exact information and if it’s not correct it doesn’t benefit the user or solve the users problems.

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The user needs to be able to use the reliable information at all time. Fault records showing previous found solutions- faults logs are very much needed in a work place, so its best if the organisation keeps the fault records up to date incase they face the same problems they can tell when they first faced the issue or how many times they have faced the issue which means that the technical team can fix the problems faster than if they didn’t know the issue. The fault can also be tested to find faster ways to fix it. FAQs- frequently asked questions are questions that are asked most of the time by users so the manufactures make pages that answer those frequently asked questions. The user gets to find the answers very easily. FAQs are not useful when it comes to more technical questions like third party software questions. Different people relay on different sources it depends on which problem they have. When looking for common problems the user can find them in the FAQs pages where there are technical issues, the user could also ask for support from experts. If the user pays attention to the user manual then they don’t have to look for help.


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