The Value of Life: Personal Viewpoint

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Many moments in life are like checkpoints, moments when you say ‘wow I finally made it ‘and a lot of people take these moments for granted and regret not being thankful for the gift of life. Many people in this world think that they are going to be worth more if they have cash and a suitable job and can buy expensive things. At the end that’s all people look for was if you had money you were worth more than someone who didn’t. If you look at it from society’s point of view, they believe people must be given value following what they do. From a personal point of view, no life should be valued by what you have or what you do, however what you do for yourself and others.

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Each person has their personal viewpoint on how they want their existence to be. As Steve Jobs stated in his congressional speech at Stanford “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice”. (Jobs, 2009). The means of this quote is simply to do what you love and not let others tell you what to do. In this existence, you simply have to be your very own self and consider that you can and will achieve whatever you put your mind to.

Life is a rollercoaster of emotion, it can be momentous or devastate. The same could be stated of the price to those who produced the success and failures. There is one sure thing about life and that is death. Will life be more valued by any person who fears death greater than any person who has come to terms with death? As Shakespeare stated “…Rather bear those ills we have/ Than fly to others that we know not of” (Shakespeare, 1599-1602). This quote represents the concern many have about death. For most the concern of death, is the worry of the unknown. Not all of us fear death though, for example, Rodger Ebert once wrote “I know it’s coming [death] and I do not fear it, because I believe there Is nothing on the other side of death to fear” (Jones, 2010). You might believe that Ebert didn’t value his life, but what if I told you he also wrote, “What I am grateful for is the gift of intelligence, and for life, love, wonder, and laughter, you can’t say it wasn’t interesting” (Jones, 2010). This goes to show that life has highs and lows you simply have to experience the lows to be grateful for the highs. Rodger Ebert is an excellent example of the value of existence in challenging times.

Growing up I saw some of the people I love to go through hard times Like Rodger Ebert. At the age of 64, my grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer and after she was diagnosed she didn’t see the point of living or even saw the value of her life. At the age of 89, my great grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and my great uncle herb was diagnosed with cancer everywhere in his body at 78. Even though the people I love went through hard times, they pushed and persevered. It wasn’t pretty and not easy to see them start to hate life and wish they had it different but when an unexpected change happens, panic can set in. Humans like to be comfortable to exist in constant contentment.

The value of your life should not be based on statistics or what job you had or how much money your loved ones should get when you pass away. The value of your life should be what you make it, you don’t even have to value people, you could value memories, the way your best friend laughs, or even the way your hair looks in the morning when you wake up. You shouldn’t just value everything in your life but be thankful and love everything in your life. 

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