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The Value Of Progress in The United States

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Core value is belief, Customs doctrine, practice or characteristic which include law, religion, art, music, language, food, knowledge, action, product and technology which are transmitted trough generation and which give a society it originality compare to other ones. Such as most of the country in the world the United States of America do have their own care value such as progress because most American believe that improvement is always importance that people should not stay the same without innovation for future generation they believe in making the future better for example the united is know to be the second largest country in technology innovation the country is strong to develop the finest intelligence system but it also know for developing advance space technology and this can be proof by the fact that the first man Neil Armstrong who went to the space, particularly to the moon was and American citizen with the help of the space company call Naza (Scribd, 2018).

We my think that they stop in such technology but American with their desire of progression have been the first one to the completely hybrid or electric car in the world. Even the giant of automobile such Mercedes or bmw haven been able to make one but Elon reeve Musk the founder of tesla is the one who has offer to the public the first completely electric car, Musk did stop by just offer to the public an electric car but he offer them also the advantage of making that car the most autonomous car in the world which allow a driver to remove in when driving or who can directly interact with the car by asking the car thing such as to find the small road or propose the near restaurant of any type of food. Today Elon Must is working hard on other project with going to make a huge step in our way to live such the project of the hyper loop which will be the faster train in the world or again with the space x which will be a reusable rocket for the people of Naza (Scribd, 2018),Material comfort most American think that comfort is one of the biggest priorities it is for the meaning of a success in life it can be observe just by watching their car or life style in the united states f America majority of thing are big just for example if we watch their car majority of them are big that make them feeling kind of success but that is not all when we take example of their super market we can notice also so that thing are big like the mayonnaise are more bigger of those of other country even the amount of food is more than other country.

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To fell mort material conformabilities some of them do not hesitate to buy a huge part of land in which they make their ranch or farm. This desire of material conformability can take it best exam when the subprime crises happen many American when to banks to take loan just to buy a house that they couldn’t even afford to pay back (Scribd, 2018). Freedom is something really importance for American because they believe that without freedom people would have still be slave and no democracy. For American without it people wouldn’t be able to say what they really think and that we would have all follow the idea of one single person or just of a small group of person, for them freedom is to go anywhere any time without justifying your movement to someone the freedom is so important it have been putted in their constitution of 1848 they believe that to allow development and improvement of a society people need freedom because freedom allow cretinism and that cretinism bring improvement and development, they believe that relaying only one person idea it is not a step forward but a step back (Anon, 2018).

At the united stat of American we can notice that freedom did contribute a lot to the country such as technologically today the country is ranked in the second country of the most technologically developed in the world. Freedom is not only limited on people but also in the economy. American economy is the biggest in the world and the riche it possible that many people might think that is because they advance in technology but that is not the only case American economy in one of the most free in the world where government do not interfere must for exam people in many country lie France or Germany we can notice that the central bank is controlled by the government and can increase the exchange or lower it but in the united states the government do not have much to say must decision and taken autonomously by the chief of FED precisely by the chairman Janet yellen (Anon, 2018).

Fitness and health are American biggest preoccupation those preoccupation have been manifested in various mays including biking, tennis, jogging, basket ball this are becoming American life style reason of that is that sport in the united contributed a lot in American economy many American go what American food ball such as a pass time but also are comply in it for business. The other reason of this need life style is due to American bad heath condition American do eat more calories that other human in this world and it population a observed an increase in obesity among people (Kutz, 2018) Economically American sport contributes in the economy with 13 billion dollar per year just for he national football league. NFL also contribute of creation job first for professional sportive with a huge salary of around 34 million per yeah but also other worker (Kutz, 2018).


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